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  • Bearings help – sorry
  • boxelder
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    Replacing some bearings in Pro2 hubs (no, they’ve not failed disastrously, just had a good innings)

    BETD sell MAX type (Enduro I think) at £12 a pair
    SKF are around £20 a pair
    or standard ones rae £6-7

    Do you get what you pay for??

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    Try popping the seals off the standard ones and packing them with decent grease, they’re high speed bearings, so they carry very little grease as standard. I’ve found this makes quite a difference to their durability.

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    Ordered standard BETD – the MAX ones are for high load (pivots etc). Will follow your tip, but have knackered seals in the past doing it.

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    If you are popping seals, the 2rs (rubber sealed version on any bearing are far easier to do

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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