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    fontmoss – Member

    i was walking my dog the other day, all good lovely little dog path and all when some bloody great single speeder came charging up the hill, no sign of suspension forks, no geared riders with them. The bugger practically crushed the dog! think it was one of those 29er jobs, finally ages behind some huffing old guy on a full susser arrived and got the feisty one under control. Very apologetic and all but still, not nice.

    Those singlespeed 29er riders are all the same.

    They shouldn’t be allowed off the lead in public places.


    finish that – yes – maybe mark it on bike hike too

    andy – yeah could do im hopelessly unfit having to lug 43 lbs of bike around! PM me though!

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    I’ve been bitten on rides loads of times. once, I was bitten by a shetland pony.

    dogs, bees, wasps, an owl flew into my head…cycling, animals and me often equal conflict.

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    Viv cant see your email. Mine is in profile.


    I was out in the local woods a while ago, and say 2 slow-moving elderly collie dogs wandering towards me, followed by an even more slow moving and more elderly owner.

    As is my usual practice, I slowed right down as I approached the first dog, and said hello to it. Normally, the majority of dogs who are excitable and look somewhat threatening are just looking for some attention, so I make a point of doing just that.

    The first old collie just looked at me and carried on wandering past. His mate then got to me, and I said “hello”. He somewhat surprised me by saying “hello” back! I am not kidding here.

    I waited a couple of mins for the old wifey who was with them – “I think your dog just said hello to me” – “Yes, he does that sometimes!”

    Got to love the local woods. Something new every time I venture in there!


    Dave_Aber – are your local woods In Narnia?


    are your local woods In Narnia?

    I hope that’s not satyr ?


    Off topic, but this is my favourite dog story; 10 years ago we were playing a Scottish cup rugby match, now the deal is that all premiership sides get away draws in the third round, so smaller clubs get a bigger side. Anyway we are playing at a public park in Edinburgh, wee team scores first against us.As the guy lines up the conversion, we are under the posts getting yelled at by our captain.Cue a dog walk up and dump right under the posts with it’s owner right behind it. Interesting exchange of pleasantries with the owner threatening to “bring her man back here to teach you all a lesson” oh and, “I walk my dog here every day, you’se are here once a week”


    Me and the good lady wife were walking HER 6 month old Shih-Tzu yesterday through the local park when a delightful 7 year old young man strolled into the park looking as hard as **** shouting to his friends ‘F***in W*nk*rs!’

    I asked him to watch his language as I don’t like swearing around my kids.

    He shut up but still tried to look hard…that was until our 6 month old barking Guinea Pig decided to run up and say hello…he shat his Pants!!! Still makes me chuckle now!

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    I was attacked by a Doberman a couple of years ago & still bear the scars – apparently “she doesn’t like bikes or horses” which is probably why it was off the lead on a bridleway. The owner refused to give any information but as I was bleeding quite a bit & had no phone with me there was nowt I could do. Reported it to the Police who took it very seriously & started investigating then, luckily, I saw him/it again getting into a car. Took the reg no, handed it to the Police who traced him and interviewed him at which point he admitted it was him & his dog. The dog is no longer with us (it seems it wasn’t the first time) & the owner was prosecuted for Failing to Control a Dog in a Public Place & ordered to replace my damaged/bloodstained kit.

    Since then, I’ve been a tad nervous of snarling dogs & last Sunday, I got cornered by another. Got off & put my bike between me & it’s teeth but all the owner would do was call it & tell me not to worry. It was only when I pulled the seatpost out of my bike & screamed “I’m gonna cave its f**king head in” that the fat,lazy b*st*rd came & dragged it away.

    Reported the tosser ’cause if I’d had Jr with me I dread to think what might have happened.

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    Be careful he’ll probably go for you”

    The mind really does boggle. There are some idiots out there.


    I’ve never been bitten whilst on the bike, but runnings another story.
    The record is three in one day.
    A Jack Russel on the shin, a H57 on the calf but the worst that day was by a German Shepard. I was running along the Grand Union and some owners of a canal boat had left this dog loose to guard the boat. The funny thing is that I’ve always trusted GS owners and their dogs, but this one went for me, I had to climb a barb wire fence and just escaped with a large bite just under my meat and two veg. I reported that to the river thingy authority.
    The only owner/dog conflict was with an owner that drove to a layby near Ivinghoe Beacon he let his Doberman off to roam whilst he sat in the car reading a paper. Anyway the dog gave chase and the owner said I’d be ok if I don’t run! Anyway I’m not at all PC when face to face, he wasn’t too young or old, wasn’t infirm, wasn’t a lady seemed to be fit in every way so therefore met the criteria for having his head shut in the door.
    This was the week after the doggy threesome, hence the over reaction.

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    I got cornered by a black lab a while ago – I ended up getting off the bike and using it to fend off the dog. Owner said “sorry I didn’t see you”
    and tried to comsole my hysterics with saying thats a nice bike!
    I now go a different route and am very nervous every time I see a dog – so many are off the lead and ignore their owners when called – even if they are not attacking me they really get in the way – I am sure the owner wouldn’t be happy if I ran over the dog.
    I even met a runner with rat dog who shouted just keep going and she;ll follow me eventually(cue small bitey dog trying to bite my foot)!


    Unless youre blind, dogs should be illegal and terminated with extreme prejudice.

    Being a cyclist as well as the guy who puts your electoral poll cards (and other stuff) through your door, I hate the things. Ive got mates who have had their fingers ripped off just putting papers through someones letterbox.

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    Two dogs rounded on me & trapped me against a wall on a bridleway that passes through a farm nr Rugeley a good few years ago, & I’m still here…

    I shudder to think what they would have done to a child.

    I’m stating the obvious here – thats exactly why you should have informed the authorities. If these dogs were on a public right of way, they should not be terrorising passers by. They may have already bitten people before.

    I did mate.
    And a year later tried to walk through the very same farm yard with my two of dogs (Jack-Russel Crosses), & the same two dogs appeared once again & attacked mine. Had to hoist my two as high as I could while the farm dogs bit at my hands/arms. Wankstain farmer appeared again, called his dogs off but gave no apology, just a sarcastic laugh. I rechecked & its definitely a right of way. Reported it again, but bloke at council couldnt give a toss. Never had the balls to go back again. Thought about going up in the car & running them over if they were about, but knowing my luck it would all go wrong.
    Farm is at centre of this.


    1. Buy sausages.

    2. Poison sausages.

    3. Realize where I’m going with this…


    As a cyclist but mainly a runner I would say the latter is at more risk of being hurt during an attack unfortunately.
    I have been attacked and bitten on several occasions and as a dog owner take my responsibility seriously.
    I do however take a more direct approach when in repeated contact with the same dogs and owners who wont learn their lesson.
    There is a local Labrador that has tried to savage me on a couple of occasions only for the owner to intervene at the last minute.
    Last night I was running in the same woods and turned a corner to see the owner in front of me. He was horrified as his dog was obviously behind him and out of reach, clearly not on a lead.
    Instead of stopping I passed him and prepared to meet his dog any second. The confrontation happened and the dog jumped forward to be met by the bottom of my foot. He got a firm kick in the ribs for good measure.


    Idiot Dog:

    “Watch out he bites”

    My reply:

    “So do I” 😈

    Luckily some great dog owners out there. Just ring your bell…


    Why is it I get so much pleasure about reading about people being bitten ? I think it may be schadenfreude 🙂 I was once randomly bitten by a dog while walking along, I just heard a growl and felt the teeth. For months after I carried a stick but never saw the offending animal again 🙁


    seemed to be fit in every way so therefore met the criteria for having his head shut in the door.

    Oldgit, earlier:


    Like your style oldgit! For a second offence driving off with large head trapped in door would seem fair.

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