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  • 4 inch fork on a 456 anyone?
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    In the title really… Am in the market for a hartail, thinking of the 456 but have a 100mm fork at the moment. I eventually will be looking at 130 – 140mm but wondered what the above frame is like for people using four inches of travel, particularly when pointing downhill?

    its fine on 130mm better on pikes at 140mm tho IMO

    i need a calculator…doh!

    Set it up harder with more rebound damping and you should be ok. I have considered my 80mm Z2’s on a 456 SE for a moment but the steering was prohibitivly quick and I ate dirt too much (even at a no-speed speed). 4 inches (4 times 25.4mm) will be fine.


    I had a pair of Psylos on mine when I first got it, it was fine. Better with the Revs it’s got now, obviously.


    I only ever wound my Rev down (on my 456) for places like Llandegla/Delamere etc where. Even then I only took it to 110mm or so. Since replaced the Rev with a Pike and it suits the bike really well.

    My view is that you won’t get the best out of the frame with 100mm but it won’t be hideous. Do it and bung a Pike on it as soon as you can afford to.

    p.s. having just advised you to put a Pike on, the Rev I used to use is sat under the stairs not doing much. I’m not actively trying to sell it but if you’re interested let me know. To save typing, see info on it here: http://www.singletrackworld.com/forum/topic/wtd-rockshox-revelation-426-air-u-turn


    Set it up harder with more rebound damping and you should be ok

    I’m hoping you mean COMPRESSION damping because all you’ll do by increasing rebound is to make the fork pack down and become even shorter!

    That said, altering damping settings to try and tune out other problems is entirely the wrong thing to do.

    PP, yep, sorry for that – wrong damping gobbin.

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    Cheers for the replies.


    I have a four inch travel fork on mine and its fine.

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    Or get a standard inbred?

    I often run my Pikes at 110-120 on my 456 on technical, slow stuff. Works fine. More than fine actually – I prefer it. 140mm is fine for dh stuff but for slower stuff I find the the steering a tad slow. For this reason I find the summer season geometry surprising – but then I’m an ex-bmxer and like quick steering.

    I’ve got 105mm MX Comp Eta’s on mine and I love it. Don’t know whether it’d be better with more travel. Either way – it rides loads better than my old gringo did!

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    The clue is in the name? 456…

    From what I can gather from someone with a 456 and a standard Inbred is that the standard Inbred handles shorter forks better.

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    yep, works at 4″. I ran an mx comp for a couple of years on mine, before putting a fox talas 100-140 on. It’s a bike that makes so much sense with an adjustable travel fork though. Now i only use 100mm on climbs, 120 in most singletrack areas, and 140 for more point and shoot rocky stuff 🙂

    If you ride slowish, then 4″ will give good fast handling, but it can get very twitchy when ridden fast and or steep.

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    It’s designed to be run at 4, 5 or 6 inches hence the name. And I think the OP is only talking about a stop-gap, so presumably he just wants to know if he’ll live or die on the first DH. I’d say it’ll be fine for now but start saving 🙂

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