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  • I usually listen to radio 6 at work through the “listen live” option on the BBC iplayer but not today. Yesterday it was working fine but today when I open iplayer I get the window which then goes blank and there is no sound. I have tried other radio stations (well radio 4) and get the same thing. Has anyone else had problems or knows how to fix this?

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    has streaming (adobe air?) been disabled at your place of work?

    iPlayer is as shonky as hell. I get messages with certain programmes, that ‘this content is only available to UK viewers’, when other stuff plays fine. Sometimes a programme will appear in the iPlayer Desktop app, but not actually download. And other irritating things.

    Could just be a temporary fault on the iPlayer website.

    R4 working here. Very low sound level though. R6 working fine.

    No streaming has not been disabled. I was getting strange java messages this morning so I have updated my version of java but I didn’t think iplayer needed java……could quite possibly be wrong!
    Have had to resort to absolute radio in windows media player – joy!

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    Listening to 6 music on iplayer right now, not had any problems.

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    You could copy the direct stream url (from here: play it in another app (I use VLC although I think WMP would do it).

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    I gave up with iPlayer & now use Radio Sure for the BBC stuff.

    verses – that did it – thanks.


    What was the url you were trying to listen to radio 6 through? The link from the main iplayer site works for me (

    Elfinsafty, the beeb uses geo ip tracking type stuff to tell if you are in the uk, so your problems are probably related to your work place/isp routing some of their traffic out via an ip not registered as in the uk.

    No it can’t be; it’s all from my computer at home. It allows me to download other stuff no probs. Which is what makes it bloody exasperating. Problems with the file or server or something, not my computer.

    I tried that Radio Sure but now can’t stop it playing, even by apparently deleting it – I certainly can’t see it and a search does not find it – has anyone else experienced this and have a cure? It was OH until I loaded MS Office today.

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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