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  • BB7 rotor and shimano brake compatibility
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    I’ve just taken the 27.5b+ wheels off my Longitude to set them up tubeless (wish me luck).

    The Longitude comes with Shimano Deore hydraulics brakes (180 front/160 rear). I’ve temporarily replaced the wheels with the 700mm ones which came with my Salsa Vaya which are fitted with Avid BB7 road brakes (160 front/160 rear).  I have put a 180 Shimano deore rotor on the front but left the rear one as the 160mm Avid rotor.

    The braking at the back seems poor, but I’m assuming that it is only because the brakes need bleeding as there is quite a bit of travel for both front and back  (they haven’t ever been bled in the 2 years I’ve had it but I haven’t used it much). Am I correct in my assumption or is there likely to be any compatibility issue?. From what I could see the brake pads seem to contact the rotor in the right places.

    I’ve never had hydraulic brakes on a push bike, so am I bit surprised how spongy they now feel compared to my motorbike brakes which haven’t been bled for ages.

    Anybody else running 700/29er wheels on a 2017 Longitude as a second set of wheels?

    Whilst I was at it, I took the hand built wheels wheels off my Kaffenback, popped a 10 speed cassette on and put them on the Vaya so that it is now running 28mm Durano Plus rather than 40mm nanos. I can’t get over how skinny the front end looks now !

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    Sounds like they need a bleed. I’d do that first and then reassess it.

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    My first attempt at bleeding will be next week. I don’t have trouble doing motorbike ones so hopefully I won’t mess this up.

    For an ‘adventure bike’ I’m surprised Genesis didn’t stick to cable operated brakes,

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