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    I have a raceface turbine cinch crankset that is off a YT Jeffsy with bb92. 30mm axle.

    I want to use the cranks on a new frame with threaded 73mm shell.

    What bb do I need? Is this even possible?

    Ithere is a raceface Cinch 30mm Series Bottom Bracket on crc, guessing I would need the BSA – 68/73mm Frame model? It’s £30 but has terrible reviews!

    There is also a hope 30mm threaded bb which is about £70 – would this work? Is it worth it?

    Alternatively I could get an XT bb for 24mm cranks for £15 quid and use a slightly old XT crankset I’ve got in the garage…

    Appreciate your thoughts ta


    Wheels Manufacturing BSA30 – been running a Cinch for nearly 3 years and gone through 3 RF BBs in that time – they’re junk, tiny bearing, difficult to clean and replace. Wheels BB has bigger bearings and decent lip seals

    Premier Icon chakaping

    Sell the RF chainset and buy an SLX for less than the price of the Hope BB.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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