Bath to Didcot route

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  • Bath to Didcot route
  • Looking to head back from the in-laws in a couple of weeks.
    Have done the Kennet-Avon and Ridgeway route before, but looking for a faster road route but struggling to find anything that doesn’t have some pretty horrible main roads.
    Is that just inevitable or does any one have any tips for that route.

    …should add, planning to do it on Salsa Vaya and have a selection of tyres so off-road sections do-able, but looking for mostly road.

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    There’s a nice section from a420 at swindon through to Wantage, go past sains and police center then a right after the railway. Then along the bottom to Harwell is flat gravel. Which then takes you to Didcot.

    The back road from Avebury through to Marlborough is quiet. Certainly quieter than A4.

    cheers – Is that the B4507 from Swindon – Wantage?
    Looks like getting around Swindon itself is the biggest challenge..

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    Yeah, checking Google maps that’s the fella. You’ll like that one. Couple of hills but it’s quiet. A few sportives use it locally.

    Then if you look by Chalton/Lockinge when you get to wantage, you can see the path, right by the hungry horse by the 2 mini roundabout.

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    To miss most of Swindon you could take the B4192 to great Shefford then to Wantage or along to Newbury and then north by chievely.

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    The bit Wantage to Didcot is cycle route 544 that takes you over the A34 and drops you to Upton and the old rail track to Didcot. I don’t know if the little detour round the back of the Harwell science park is still there.
    Only one slightly sketchy bit on road tyres from Harwell Science centre to the top of the A34 bridge and that is mainly down to the risk of damage from flints. Only about 1/4 mile though,

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    I don’t know if the little detour round the back of the Harwell science park is still there.

    Yes, still in place. However well signed from that direction so can’t really miss it.

    Thanks both, that’s Swindon to home sorted.
    Other option is putting the big tyres on and just doing Kennet and then the Ridgeway but not sure conditions ideal for that at Easter…plus likely to be busy with walkers on a bank holiday Monday.

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    Chippenham has an old railway line from just outside the station, takes you to Avebury where you can then pick up the Ridgeway there all the way. Obviously you want the Ridgeway fairly dry to ride.


    How did I only just find out about the Ridgeway. It’s even hidden on most maps. Amazing. Plan to explore that.

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    it’s been there for centuries 😉 LOL.

    It’s not the most exciting, but is scenic 🙂

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    A4 isn’t actually too bad, depending on when you go – its wide and you get plenty of space generally. Quickest way to cover most of the East bit.

    You could do back roads to Devizes (don’t know that end so well) then Pewsey Vale, Pewsey, Burbage via B3087, Hungerford via A338 – the first bits would be very pleasant, Pewsey on a little more traffic but I ride it regularly. Slower longer but nicer and a few more small places to stop and get a cuppa. Hungerford 338 to Wantage is also fine once you’re past the motorway junction – there are back roads up through the Hungerford – Swindon road B4001 to miss that too if you prefer.

    Centuries and the rest 6000 years,theres lots of ways around Swindon,Great Bedwyn and over to Membury etc

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    Hey Jim, hope you like the Vaya?

    I’d stay a bit further south…

    Steep climb from Bath via Bathampton, Melksham, Calne Averbury, Marlborough, then the lovely bit of road through Axford and Ramsbury until you’re ready to head over/under the M4 towards Wantage etc

    Can all be done on quiet back lanes

    Nick H

    Hello Nick!
    Small world…Vaya’s proving great.
    Suits me well as I simply don’t have the upper body/leg ratio or the flexibility to suit most road bikes, so.its proving ideal. Mostly on road so far but that’ll change as weather picks up.
    Cheers for the route suggestions as well, plenty to choose from


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