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    Just got myself a new bike after a couple years off the bike. I can’t make my mind up but I’m after a bashguard. Do I go for the MRP XCG Triple Ring Bashguard or do I just remove my third ring & get a bashring to protect the other two. I don’t seem to be using the third ring at all.

    What bashrings would people recommend & how do I set up my front mech?

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    I run a bash ring with 22/36 and 24/38 on my 2 bikes. I don’t miss having the big ring and with a bash ring you have a bit more clearance over rocks etc.. I guess there’s not much difference between them but I like Blackspire and Raceface bashrings. Some like e-13 can be a bit heavy. As for setting it up. Once you have 2 rings and a bash ring on your cranks- Shift into your middle ring at the front There’s 2 little adjuster screws on your front mech. Turn the ‘H’ one until you can’t shift into the big ring. Leave your front mech where it is on the frame.

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    With a 36t ring and your outer removed you only loose top gear off a 44t big ring, and bottom gear off your 32t middle (roughly speaking, using an 11-34 casstte) so you’ll need the little ring a bit more often.
    That’s what I just fitted, although I’ve not tried it out yet.

    Here’s the table I worked it out from –
    (Given in gear inches – Front divided by rear X 26)

    22 32 36 44
    11 52.00 75.64 85.09 104.00
    13 44.00 64.00 72.00 88.00
    15 38.13 55.47 62.40 76.27
    17 33.65 48.94 55.06 67.29
    20 28.60 41.60 46.80 57.20
    23 24.87 36.17 40.70 49.74
    26 22.00 32.00 36.00 44.00
    30 19.07 27.73 31.20 38.13
    34 16.82 24.47 27.53 33.65

    As you can see, a 36/11 is not far off a 44/13 and a 36/34 is almost identical to a 32/30

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    Sorry, that table won’t space out properly, but you get the idea!

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    My advice would be to avoid the metal ones. If you think that E13 superchargers are too heavy look at Gamut, more robust than the metal flavours, lighter than E13.

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