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  • Premier Icon benmotogp46

    Hi Guys,

    I’m sure this has been covered on many occassions, however, couldnt really find much to assist in the forum search.

    Just out of interest, what bar length and stem combo do you prefer?

    I’ve gone for a 720mm myself on a 50mm stem.

    Cheers, Ben.


    90m stem I think, bars are wide but I don’t remember.


    100/46 on 3 others.

    711s on a 65mm stem currently.. got my eye on some 745s though.

    Premier Icon cheese@4p

    Trying out 780mm bars. Like but they dont fit between some of the walled paths I ride so they will be cut down when I get round to it.
    50mm stem


    745mm with 50mm stem on my 5.
    about 700mm with a 60mm stem on my rockhopper.


    er 580mm and 100mm i think

    711 and 70 on the Soul
    711 and 65 on the Bfe

    Was 710 for a couple of years but bought a 760 intending to cut down and it felt so right it stayed.


    711 & 80mm on the HT. Would like to try a 70mm & 60mm stem to see how they feel but not got round to borrowing them from mates.


    70mm stem & a 710mm KCNC bar.
    Bar feels a bit wide though so might chop 10mm of each end. Just never get round to doing it.

    50/750 on two bikes, 70/711 on another. The 711s feel a shade narrow, would like a shade more.


    780mm renthal with 70mm thomson. works brill for me

    440mm bars, 100mm stem

    Premier Icon colournoise

    710mm on 70mm.

    slainte 🙂 rob


    725 bars and 50 stem might go bigger to 780! With same stem,

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    I like it the other way round. 711mm stem & 50mm bars. 🙂

    Flat 711mm & 50mm currently on my SIR9. Going back to a low rise 685 tomorrow. Nearly got wedged between two trees the other day.

    Don’t Superstar do an 850 bar…

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    How many people get 750 plus and then chop them down? How many leave them full length? Currently torn between sizes.

    Premier Icon Northwind

    Think I have 710mm on all my bikes, maybe 720 on the dh bike. Twice now i’ve got wider bars for it and gradually cut them down til they end up the same width as all the others 😆


    711 x 65mm
    711 x 70mm

    Premier Icon tomhoward

    Lots of different options for me, got 50-55mm, 35mm and 65mm stems then 685mm, 711mm and 785mm bars. Been swapping them around for weeks now, can’t decide which I like most! 😕

    Hardtail- 70mm stem and 720mm bars
    Full bouncer enduro bike- 70mm stem and 711mm bars but I want some Renthal Fatbars and a shorter stem.


    Hardtail – 710mm bars and 70mm stem
    XC bike – 710mm bars and 80mm stem
    AM bike – 760mm bars and 65mm stem

    680 & 70 on the trance.

    660 & 60 on the soixante neuf PA.

    Can’t really go much wider ’round these parts. I’d love a 700 ish, but every time I pass through a few gaps at my local trails I remember why I don’t have bigger bars. I just about make some of the gaps on the 680s! It’s even worse when the ferns and bracken grow back.


    780 nukeproof bars and 30 funn stem


    My iron horse sunday came with 745mm sunline v1 riser bars on it, when I saw the flat bars on CRC for £30 in silver I bought 2 pairs, haven’t decided on the length I will cut them down to yet.

    However I now have sunline bars on all three of my bikes, or will have once I can be arsed putting them on the hardtail.

    Stems are a hope/boxxer top crown on the sunday, fsa os 115 60mm on the Trek fuel ex 2010 and fsa dh300 70mm on the hardtail.

    I think about 720 to 750mm is plenty but if riders want to go larger and they like it, ROCK ON!


    Just gone from a 711mm bar. 65mm stem to 760mm bar. 50mm stem. Much better going down and climbing.

    Premier Icon kiwijohn

    711mm Answer Protaper on 65mm Syncros stem on the Yeti SB66
    635mm Monkeylite on 100mm Thomson on the DBR Axis TT
    711 is wide enough to get through the trees down here.


    680mm with 70mm stem


    Since I got my Soul 685 bars have for some reason felt too narrow so now up to 711 on a 75mm stem. Will be experimenting with a 55 stem and feel as if 720mm would be just right as a do it all bar length.


    I guess arm span V bar width would be a useful statistic to look at. I’ve got quite broad shoulders and always feel cramped up with 690ish bars. Got some 711s but think I could go a bit wider as I tend to hold them right at the end clamps. 750mm is not that much wider when you think about it as 20mm per side but in reality when you move your grips out it looks a lot.

    Premier Icon benmotogp46

    I had to cut my Fatbars down. Going from 680 on the Crush to 780 was too much!

    711mm Easton Carbon bars on 50mm Renthal stem. Very very nice. Hadn’t realised how much stiffer a good bar/stem combo can be compared to a cheaper XC oriented one – had 670mm Ritchey XC bars on an eXotic 60mm stem before. Makes the old ones feel like noodles!


    Would widening your bars and getting a slightly shorter stem result in roughly the same reach/riding position. I currently run 711 bars with a 70mm stem and I have some 750mm bars coming and wondering if I could run a 55mm stem instead of the 70mm one. I ask as the riding position is the shortest it can be for comfort and efficiency but I cant run the saddle any further back.


    Ruscle, I am in the same boat but going from 680 to 750 with the same bars 😉

    I have ordered a 55mm stem as I currently run a 70mm with my 680 bars. I was wondering whether to go to 55 or stick at 70 when I was going to fit some 711mm Havens but not I am going 750 I am definitely going 55mm.

    Wider bars will be a bit slower on the same stem – think big truck-like steering wheel versus small sports steering wheel in a car. But the shorter stem makes it more direct and speeds it back up. The shorter stem will offset some of the wider grips – a quick bit of trigonometry can give you an idea but your elbows complicate it a bit.


    I think out of this whole thread there are only 2 people that are able to ride anywhere where there are trees, you lot must all ride in the lake district and yorkshire moors where there are no trees to get stuck between.


    Seeming the haven stems are so cheap at merlin it would be rude not to purchase a 55mm one and try it out.

    Premier Icon fathomer

    70mm Thomson stem, 711mm KCNC scandium bar.

    I think out of this whole thread there are only 2 people that are able to ride anywhere where there are trees, you lot must all ride in the lake district and yorkshire moors where there are no trees to get stuck between.

    I doubt there’s any singletrack in the country that’s more tight, twisty and treey than my local patch! I was dubious about going 41mm wider but actually the extra stiffness of the bars & stem makes it easier to place through the tight gaps, even if that requires leaning the bike over or doing a quick flick of the bars. Saying that I had a spectacular over the bars last week when I lined up for a forthcoming pair of trees and failed to notice a smaller trunk in betwixt me and them…

    Premier Icon billyboy

    I made the mistake of settling on 710 because of my experiences on other bikes, and I put that on my new 325.5 build. Then I found the seat angle was having a negative effect on my knees so I had to move the seat foreward to counteract that which in turn made the bars feel a bit narrow. Fitted 730s and it suits perfectly.

    So I think it’s not that simple….different bars for different bikes/set ups.

    Don’t cut the bars down until you are sure


    baznav73 – Member
    I think out of this whole thread there are only 2 people that are able to ride anywhere where there are trees, you lot must all ride in the lake district and yorkshire moors where there are no trees to get stuck between.

    I have 760mm bars and ride lots of natural singletrack in FOD and Monmouth. All the trails I ride have loads of trees, but I seem to manage fine. Rode a trail today that was particularly tight and twisty, but the trees were just wide enough apart to get through.


    760 nukeproofs 60 stem on my BFe just fitted the bars with the intention of cutting down if needed. But liking alot at the mo.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    I’d be interested to hear a few more combo’s. I’ve just ordered a 780mm* bar and an 80mm stem and now fear it might be too ponderous!

    *pretty certain it’ll be trimmed.


    I have 760mm bars on a 60mm stem, and 400mm bars on a 110mm ste

    780mm superstar’s with 25mm riser with 80mm stem.

    Also running Superstar excel grips.

    Im pretty wide myself. lol.

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