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  • widge34

    baznav73 – Member
    I think out of this whole thread there are only 2 people that are able to ride anywhere where there are trees, you lot must all ride in the lake district and yorkshire moors where there are no trees to get stuck between.

    I have 760mm bars and ride lots of natural singletrack in FOD and Monmouth. All the trails I ride have loads of trees, but I seem to manage fine. Rode a trail today that was particularly tight and twisty, but the trees were just wide enough apart to get through.


    760 nukeproofs 60 stem on my BFe just fitted the bars with the intention of cutting down if needed. But liking alot at the mo.

    Premier Icon YoKaiser

    I’d be interested to hear a few more combo’s. I’ve just ordered a 780mm* bar and an 80mm stem and now fear it might be too ponderous!

    *pretty certain it’ll be trimmed.


    I have 760mm bars on a 60mm stem, and 400mm bars on a 110mm ste


    780mm superstar’s with 25mm riser with 80mm stem.

    Also running Superstar excel grips.

    Im pretty wide myself. lol.


    750mm bars on a 70mm stem. Plenty of trees here too and don’t have an issue any more often than I used to with 685mm bars.


    70 x 711
    90 x 660
    110 x 600

    Premier Icon ceepers

    my hardtail (genesis core) came with 70mm and 680 but i’m currently running 50 and 720 which i like a lot better. i’m 5’6 but was reccomended a 17.5 frame and the more i’ve read the more i think i should have got a 16 (which the lbs didnt have for me to try) my theory is the short stem despite looking slightly wrong makes the cockpit length more similar to the smaller size. it’s certainly made the bike feel a lot more “chuckable”

    climbing wise on road it’s made no difference, it is hard to keep the front wheel down on steep off road ascents but i think thats partly my newbie lack of technique/in-experience and i’m not sure i found it any easier with the old stem/ combo


    800mm bars with a 40mm stem on the Mega


    710 12mm rise on 55mm stem on both my enduro/AM bikes – I’m 5’8″ with shortish arms so anything wider just feels all wrong.

    Just about to take delivery of a Whyte 29er and expect I’ll be tweaking position a bit to get something similar……


    About 720. Got some nukeproof warheads and ran them full width. After a few rides I noticed my hands wandered in a bit on the gips so I trimed them down to where my hands seemed to naturally want to hold


    710s on a 100mm stem.

    Xcjayboy on Ss29er


    I smell a distinct whiff of bravery bars.

    460mm + 70mm +10 deg stem.

    711 x 70 on the Decade Virtue
    750 x 70 on the Covert

Viewing 14 posts - 41 through 54 (of 54 total)

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