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  • mikey74

    I usually only accept payment for stuff via Paypal but one guy wants to pay via a bank transfer: I know they can’t do much with just Acc. No. and sort code, but are there any risks?

    not really for the seller. more risk for a buyer. be thankful he’s willing to trust you!


    + 1 for the above


    If you’re at all worried, let him have my bank details instead and I’ll send the money on to you 😆


    cheers folks. pretty much what I thought. You never know what bad experiences people have had though.

    If its done via UK “faster payments” (ie you receive the payment the same day they send it) then it’s non reversible from the senders point of view so pretty safe really for the seller.

    Even if the payers account is hacked you (the payee) can only be “asked” to return the money. You cannot be forced. Safer than paypal imo.

    On the other hand anything overseas, (and to a lesser extent uk bacs) has more holes than a sieve as far as a seller is concerned.


    the most dangerous thing about bank transfers is trusting the other person to deliver you the goods. (if it’s a purchase of some description)

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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