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  • Bad Wiggle!! BAAADDD WIGGLE!!!
  • Jamie

    How did you pay? If Paypal, could you not try and get your money back through them?


    Whats the URL of the page which said MTB ?


    Set up an anti wiggle website. 😀


    As above, pop some ‘roids, set up (if it’s available)

    and bench 280kg until the rage dies down.


    I’m guessing this is through email.

    Pick up the phone and kindly describe the situation. I can’t see any reason they would not refund you.


    Not impressed following my most recent transaction with Wiggle. I entered the Kilo To Go White Peak Event after going through their website and finding it in the MTB section. After asking a question on here about the event i was informed that this was a road event despite it being in the MTB section.

    I got in contact with Wiggle who told me to get in contact with Kilo To Go. So i do and Kilo To Go tell me theyve been in touch with Wiggle and there was an error on their page and they should be refunding me shortly.

    So i get in touch with Wiggle who deny everything and refuse to give me my money back depsite me asking for them to check and double check again.

    Ive sent them a copy of the email from Kilo To Go so we’ll see what happens there but this has been going on for 5 weeks now and im **** ragin’!

    Ive tried using the Internet Wayback Machine to no avail. Are there any other websites to use for getting a screen dump of old versions of websites?

    Pick up the phone and kindly describe the situation.

    Phone? Wiggle?

    The only way I got to talk to someone at Wiggle was to print out the weeks worth of backwards and forwards, default responses emails, put them in a envelope with a letter and sent recorded delivery to the registered office. Then I got a call back and it was sorted out easily. This was 6 years ago mind, so they might be a little better now 🙄


    The URL is in the link that I posted above but they’ve corrected the error now.

    Tried phoning and there was no answer. They don’t post a phone number on their website. Had to Google it.

    If I dont get anywhere with this last email then I might just try writing to them. I’ve emailed KiloToGo again and told them Wiggle are refusing to give me my money back so hopefully they can exert some pressure as well.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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