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  • As its Friday , and the night club isn’t open yet I thought , as its Beer O Clock I would start.

    Eating . Hawaian Pizza

    Drinking. Pure Gold + Tyskie blend

    Listening. Radio1 10 hour take over, bit different to the usual loop tape.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Eating – Curry later
    Drinking – Gin and Ts I reckon
    Listening – VOiP


    black pudding, steamed with minted potatoes and glazed carrots / sweetcorn

    copella pear and apple juice.

    The James Taylor Quartet.


    fish, chips, mushy p’s
    kronenberg 1664
    Matin Stevenson & The Daintees


    Eating – Roast lamb

    Drinking – Guinness, brandy mac’s later

    Listening to – Daughter’s watching some junk on T.V.

    You all have a good weekend 🙂

    Nowt at the moment but off to the kebab house later

    Fresh orange and pineapple juice

    daughter thinking she can sing with her MP3 stuck in her ears. Bless.

    Oh and I had my first outing on my bike for a few weeks now and it was **** great. I feel alive again.!

    Eating – nowt.
    Drinking – Talisker or “screwdriver”.
    Listening – wife’s complaints about her laptop.

    Premier Icon ton

    tagliatelli(sp?) meatballs tommy/garlis sauce
    tea 1 sugar
    question of sport.

    Premier Icon beej

    Eating – Jacket pot, leftover homemade bolognaise sauce, kale, carrots
    Drinking – Water, off alcomahol for January
    Listening – Sigur Ros

    Eating – Soreen
    Drinking – cuppa tea on the way
    Listening, Kids, budgies, Mrs & Question of Sport


    Eating: Rapid Ragu (simple bologs sauce from Nigella Express)
    Drinking: pint of Robinsons squash
    Listening to: Weird kids who have bizare eating disorders program that the wife is watching on ITV 2

    Eating: Beef bouguignon (when its ready)
    Drinking: Aussie Cabernet Sauvignon (..well I had to open it to cook with….)
    Listening: Fleet foxes.


    Cod tempura, homemade chips, salad (well potato salad!)
    Fleet Foxes (good call singletrick)

    Premier Icon Sandwich

    Just finished a home made spag bol, Hobgoblin is next. Listening to 3 teenage boys and 2 girls making a din and enjoying every minute!

    Premier Icon miketually

    Eating: fish pie earlier
    Drinking: tea so far, whisky later (BenRiach 16YO Speyside)
    Listening: the wife watching Dharma and Greg on Trouble+1

    Premier Icon Daffy

    Eating – Sticky toffee pudding
    Drinking – Asphal Cider
    Watching – Batman – The Dark Knight


    Eating: parsnip and pancetta tagliatelli
    Drinking: Nowt but soon to get either the Carling or G & T
    Listening: Gentle hum of hard drive as kids all fallen to sleep.


    Might bung a Friday night pizza in the oven, as I’m feeling lazy.
    Going to nip to the offie downstairs in a minute.
    Watching some stuff on iPlayer; there’s a Palin thing on that looks interesting. All his stuff is great.

    Think it might be time for a bit of niteclub, mind…


    Eating – Junk
    Drinking – Espresso
    Listening – To the kids playing Mario cart on the WII.

    My weekend with the kids so no running, riding or getting drunk. May even get the kids to teach me how to use the WII as i have never played a on a game station of any sort.

    Premier Icon Coyote

    Eating: A selection of cheese and crackers
    Drinking: Theakstons OP
    Listening: BBC Radio 6

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