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  • pinetree

    Evening All,

    Looking at getting one of these for carrying pinetree jr around, but am really not sure about which sort of level to go for.
    Does anyone have any experience with the littlelife range from Go Outdoors? They seem fairly decent to me, but when compared with the options from more recognised brands, they seem suspiciously cheap…

    Are they any good? Is there any value in spending a bit more and getting one from Deuter or Osprey?


    *Self satisfied smug poster recommending a sling in 5…4…3…*

    As a veteran of three children I’ll offer this.

    Just get a buggy.

    One that folds up small enough to go in the boot of the car without completely filling it and that has room to carry some stuff underneath the seat when you’re out and about.

    You’ll rapidly get fed up of baby carriers because they are just not as practical as a buggy.

    Carrying a baby and all the accoutrements gets old real quick.


    Had a deuter. It was awesome – but only ever used for times when a buggy wasn’t practical – but felt I could have saved myself a few bob by getting one of the LittleLife – they seemed much better value for money.

    Sometimes a buggy just doesn’t work…but if/when you can use a buggy, use a buggy.

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    After two kids, I’ve only ever used a pram 3 times. Always used a sling up to 2 years old and a Littlelife carrier after that. Our boy has always walked/cycled everywhere as soon as he was old enough to do so.

    For VERY long days (15miles+). I’ve occasionally used the Chariot with the jogging kit on it.


    I have a little life cross country in hardly used condition for £50 if you’re interested.
    I found it great! Comfy and lots of space for bits and bobs

    Premier Icon cloudnine

    Front loading Baby Bjorn one.. seemed comfy but we only used it occasionally


    For long walks, in the hills, I couldn’t fault the Deuter one I had. Comfy for dad and boy.

    For everything else, use a buggy. Some have beer holders.

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    We used an Osprey Poco quite a bit. Should sell it now really I suppose! Let me know if you’re interested and anywhere near Oxford or London W12!

    People seem to have varying experiences with whether their kids get on with carriers, and whether they end up being useful. Haven’t heard anyone saying that they went for a Littlelife one and wished they’d got posher though.

    Deuter kid comfort 3 here. Amazing. Done up to 5-6 hour walks with everyone comfortable. The rain cover when the weather does turn is also brilliant.

    Good review here. Echoes my experiences


    I’m also selling my Deuter Kid Comfort III as well – email for details if you fancy it. It’s an awesome baby carrier and is in near perfect condition.


    Littlelife Ranger user here.

    Didn’t fit my wife (5’3″) very well, but I got on with it at 6′.

    Didn’t get used a massive amount TBH, mostly over the spring/summer our daughter was 2-3. It made a lot of sense for longer walks over rough or steep ground where the buggy would get stuck or bogged down. Did a few 5-10 mile walks on Dartmoor and in the Lakes with no problems.

    Now we’re onto sprog no.2, so I’ll be dusting it off for next summer.

    Didn’t fit my wife (5’3″) very well

    Did you make her walk instead or did she go in the buggy? 😉


    You don’t know how close to the mark you are. SWMBO loves the outdoors, but isn’t a big walker or cyclists, horses are more her thing.
    A running family ‘joke’ is that I’m going to buy her an adult sized papoose for Christmas, or adapt the bike trailer to fit her.


    Thanks for all the replies so far.

    Should have given more details in the original post. The wee one’s 15 months old, and we have a brilliant buggy. This is for getting out and about in the woods with though.
    We’ve had a front-mounted carrier for ages and my wife really gets in with it, but I’m not such a big fan of it now that he’s bigger and would rather have him on my back. Leaves my arms free for when we’re meandering in the woods/ up and down bits of Dartmoor.

    Darcy & FFJA – thanks for the offer. I’ll have a look at the specs and give you a shout if they’re likely to be suitable!

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    Baby Bjorn for tiny, then Osprey Poco after. Sign up to Osprey and they give you access to their “Second Life” page where they offer you factory seconds. £104 for a £260 baby carrier.
    Be quick though, the stock on their Second life page goes quickly, so if you see something you like – buy it!,APSX,FBFJA,13GU2,1


    We used the little life , the one with the adjustable back so you can tailor the straps waist belt etc to your back , I found it really comfortable and easy to use. The child seating strapping is also fully adjustable. We also had the sun/rain hood thing which was great except in driving snow when it filled up with snow and made the boys lips go blue ( emergency walk to shops to buy wife’s Xmas present , it is also rubbish in twee shops as you knock displays over when you turn round)
    I reccomend liitlelife stuff, the folding tent like cot is ace too.

    Premier Icon breadcrumb

    We started with Baby Bjorn and have recently bought a Osprey Poco.

    The littlelife carriers suit longer backs, the Osprey just seemed to fit me better and let little miss breadcrumb sit a bit lower. The Ospreys seem to hold their value better too.


    BOB revolution Pro – buggy

    It’s been everywhere – up Snowdon, and the worst that Glastonbury 2016 could throw at us. We live near the beach and it goes through even the deepest of sand in the dunes ..

    2 kids under the age of 4 and both can rest their legs if both tired. Also great for carting 3 large north face holdalls, 2 kids and hand luggage at the airport on a recent trip to Norway.

    Have a kids rucksack – and do use it.. but no way near as much as this great off road buggy.

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    We had a littlelife one and thought it was great. I once borrowed a Mac Pac one but didn’t think it was as good as the littlelife.
    We bought it from go outdoors for about £100, this was about 8 years ago. When we sold it we got £70 odd on ebay.


    Deuter back pack here, it’s like a rucksack, comfy and well supported, brat likes it and so do I. Good stowage room underneath for baby gubbins and clever waterproof cover too. Loads of adjustment for tall and short parents and the seat can be dropped to suit as the child grows.

    Much better than a sling

    We picked up a Little Life Cross Country S3 second hand.

    Our daughter really likes being in it, and it’s sssooo much more comfy than the Baby bjorn thing. We don’t use it that much though, she just gets bored after a while. Best for shorter walks.

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    We had the Little life. Didn’t use it a massive amount but it was great for country walks and getting to the beach. Ours came with a sunshade which was useful.

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