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  • Avignon, worth a short stay?
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    Tempted to get the train down in the summer for a week max.
    Would you need a car to see ‘the sights’ if there are any further afield or is public transport good enough?

    Any tips of whats too see and places to stay?



    I think I’d want a car. The city is nice with some some nice historic attractions but you need to get and and about and I think public transport would be a bit limiting. Pont du Gard is worth a look. Mont Ventoux just up the road too.


    I’d want a bike! Have stayed there a night or two on a bike tour decades ago IIRC.


    We did exactly that a few years ago. Was one of the best holidays we’ve had.
    Definitely worth renting a car and getting out and about and exploring all the nice towns and countryside – there’s lots of rental places at the Avignon TGV station (minor grumble – the Eurostar stops at Avignon central, not TGV).
    We spent nearly 10 days in the area between Avignon and the coast around Marseille. Ventoux is exactly as spectacular and windy as it looks on TV!


    Was there for a morning back in summer. Doubt I’d want to spend more than a day there, though.

    We cycled behind/tagged onto one of the touristy bus-train things and saw all the sights that the town was famous for. Wasn’t that wowed, but then I’m not that interested in where the pope one resided or poor bridge design.


    Take yer bike, it’s 25m/40km from Bedoin & Mont Ventoux


    My parents live in Avignon so I’ve been chipping down there with the road bike on the TGV a couple of times a year for a while now. The road riding really is fantastic if that’s your thing – quiet roads and great weather / scenery.

    Get yourself a car. Public transport exists but the timetable is pretty sparse. The 20km in/out of town is a slog so I’ve been taking the new train service to Carpentras which is 10km from the base of Ventoux. Get up top, lunch at Renard and head down to Sault, then down Gorges de Nesque. Really great day.

    Or head into the Luberon. There’s a fabulous closed road along the top from Robion to Bonnieux through the cedar forest.

    Not done mtb but keep seeing chaps with full face helmets popping out of the woods on way up Ventoux.

    Sites – Avignon can be done in a day. You can swim at the incredible Cascades du Sautadet – careful, serious accidents every year there or Pont du Garde. Villeneuve castle on other side is fun. Nimes – wonderful. Aix is cool. Marseille gritty of course. Bit further afield there’s the Ardeche – which becomes a car park in summer. It’s also roasting.

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    It’s a lovely town, we spent a happy afternoon there waiting for our train.
    The whole area is just beautiful, taking the road from the chalet on Ventoux to the right, dropping into the lavender fields, then on to
    Gorges de la nesque (?) is an amazing ride.
    We did it a couple of years ago and are planning to go back and try that 3 times up Ventoux in one day.


    Avignon seemed pretty hectic as we passed through this summer. Too touristy in town for us. Lots of nice places around though, and yes Ventoux.

    Premier Icon granny_ring

    Thanks for suggestions, I’ll have a looky.
    It won’t be a biking trip tho 🙁


    Bryan Ferry liked it 😆

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