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  • Aviemore 1-2 hour route advice
  • Premier Icon didnthurt
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    We’ve a family holiday for a few days next week in Aviemore, I’ve ridden around there a few times in the past but I’m not too familiar with the trails around there.

    Any route advice for an evening spin would be much appreciated.

    The next quandary is what bike to take as my mountain bikes both need a few parts changing on them. So looks like it might be a cross bike unless I get my finger out tonight and fix either of my mountain bikes.

    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    There should be a sticky on this. Perhaps it’s they’ve fallen onto page two 😁
    If you’re IN Aviemore, and do fix your MTB, and literally only have an hour then Burnside I guess.

    If you take the gravel bike then just head SE into the woods.

    TBH I don’t know why I’m even typing this, Scotroutes will be along to give a much better informed opinion on this. Just like he has on the last four threads asking pretty much exactly the same thing 🙂

    Premier Icon didnthurt
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    I’ve always associated Aviemore with big, long days out so thought most route advice would be along those lines.

    I’ll have a search for previous threads.


    Premier Icon thegeneralist
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    Aha, found it/ them.

    The Russian Doll of threads.

    Riding round Aviemore

    Hope you find some good stuff.

    If you don’t then remove the space from the following and I’m sure the Meister will come and assist.
    @ scotroutes

    I’m pretty sure one of his comments in those threads specifically mentions an amazing gravel route.

    Premier Icon didnthurt
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    Ooh! Lots of reading there.

    It’s also just occurred to me that I’ve recently watched a Mctrail rider video where he rides some woodsy singletrack trails around Aviemore.

    Thanks again.

    Premier Icon didnthurt
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    Might be the prompt I need to fix my Scalpel (I need to fit a new chain and rear suspension linkage that I’ve had for a while but not got around to sorting).

    Premier Icon scotroutes
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    Short CX/Gravel options…

    Speyside Way to Kincraig, Feshie Bridge, return via Drakes Bothy and Loch Gamhna.

    Logging Way to Badaguish, Beglan (ruined) village, descent to Glenmore, Back of Loch Morlich, Picadilly, Loch an Eilean

    Loggers to Glenmore, ski road to Sugarbowl car park, old zig-zags to Cas. Retuen via the zig-zags and the Allt Mor path, then back of Loch Morlich etc or straight back down Loggers if time is short.

    Speyside Way to Kinveachy junction, various woodsy double- and single-track options in and around the Fairy Hill. Retrun via the chambered cairn and some more nice singletrack.

    You could also do the Loch Eaniach route. It’s rough in places but definitely do-able. I took @ton up there on a rented fatbike earlier this week. He tried to buy it off Bothy Bikes when he got back 🙂 Said it was the most fun he’d had on a bike in years. We did 2h45m moving time but that was “old men on fatbikes” pace.

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    Definitely get that bike fixed and get up Burnside. Nazi Gold is one of my favourite tracks ever, not that long but just perfectly put together

    Premier Icon didnthurt
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    Thanks Scotroutes for the route advice, I’ll have a look at plotting it out.


    I’ve not managed to get round to sorting out my mountain bikes as so it’ll have to be the cross bike (it’s not really a hardship as it’s a fun bike to ride).

    Nazi Gold might have to wait for a while unless I maybe hire a bike 🤔


    Premier Icon didnthurt
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    Took Scotroutes advice and took an evening spin around Loch Morlich. Really enjoyed it.

    So much so, I took the family the same route the next day with something to eat at Glenmore Lodge along the way.

    I’m of thinking taking the family for a spin tomorrow around Loch An Eilein before we head home. 👍

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