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  • AV2HDMI Sensible Soccer Problem.
  • redthunder

    Bit sad… but I still play sensible soccer with a tv plug in system.

    Sadly, the new tv does not have the magic yellow/white sockets.

    Everyone one else is over the moon, because they no longer have to play sensi or be nagged.

    However, do any of you guys reckon this would work… or complete pants.


    Or is it time to hang up the school blazer and cap 🙁

    Premier Icon Cougar

    Going from composite to HDMI is relatively simple compared to the other way round.

    I’ve no idea about that particular device, but I’d be buying it from a supplier that priced in £s. For instance, https://www.amazon.co.uk/GANA-Composite-Converter-Adapter-Supporting-av-hdmi-Black/dp/B01MU6KHKB/ (I’ve no idea about this particular device either, there’s loads of similar ones.)

    Is there seriously only HDMI sockets on your TV? No SCART or S-video or VGA or anything?


    I can’t help OP but I will back you’re ongoing playing of an extremely old game by saying that SS was, and maybe is, the best football game to have ever graced our digital universe. Good on yer!


    Yes but once you discover the indefensible goal scoring technique, it all becomes a bit drab.


    You could setup a Raspberry Pi with an emulator, to run some version of Sensible Soccer (plus whatever other retro games you want).

    Premier Icon twistedpencil

    Sensi was okay, but for Kick Off 2 Extra Time will always be king.


    Raspberry Pi sounds interesting.

    I personally prefer Kick Off 2 EO. But most people I knew back in the day played Sensi so not much choice.

    However, just got Wico Stick setup by USB and fired up Kick Off 2 Athens WC Edition and it works a treat. Also reminded me of how better it is than Sensi IMO.

    Harder to score goals though.

    PS Kick Off Revival has been released on Steam by Dino Dino. Wonder if its any good ?

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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