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  • Premier Icon takisawa2

    Had to laugh at one comment, that whoever decided to stock these was mad. 😕

    Premier Icon benji

    It’s a funny world, it seems once a few people decided to be offended, social media is swung into action to make it seem like a moral outrage, most who are responding haven’t seen the item or the listing for the item but because they have seen it trending on a social media site, they get behind like the brainless baa baaing sheep they are (no offence meant to rams/ewes or tups, don’t want to cause any more outrage).

    Don’t see what the issue is, yes it’s not very tactful, but why are characters in little britain seen ok to laugh at, when they are depicting pretty much the same thing.

    Premier Icon DezB

    wwaswas – Member
    I don’t think the costumes are in bad taste, just think the name of them is

    I think this is probably the best take on the whole thing.

    And not just stating the bleedin obvious then?


    Wow, my personal opinion is some people need more to worry about if that is all it takes to offend you 😆

    Premier Icon wwaswas

    And not just stating the bleedin obvious then?

    If it were that bleedin’ obvious Asda would have spotted it 😉


    That’s diabolical really, as mentioned, so many other descriptions could have been used.

    As a practising Satanist I feel offended that the term “diabolical” is being tarnished by association with this subject.What about my religious freedom?


    As a cleaver wielder who stalks the streets at night i am outraged to be lumped in with the “mental” description. I are not menTAAAAAAALLLLLL! 😈


    ASDA……….AND Tesco?

    Or are you making a clsss difference and sneering at Asda from a Tesco-shopper moral high ground? Perhaps the Tesco Express is closer and stocks the Daily Mail for you?


    A bit of reality here: Mental health stigma is not something that the “professionally offended” have invented. It is real, and one of the effects is that people who really, really should get professional help don’t seek it because of the stigma. Sometimes this leads to them killing themselves. Sometimes this leads to them killing others. Sometimes it ‘just’ leads to them having a much crapper life than they might otherwise have done if they’s had better support at the right time.

    And that effects us all, if only because it’s a heck of a lot more expensive for the taxpayer when someone doesn’t get a timely, outpatient intervention and that leads ultimately to them being sectioned for months or even years. Secure mental health units are very expensive.

    Challenging anything that stigmatises mental health problems is, imo, absolutely the right thing to do.


    Jamie hit the nail on the head with the name.

    Also, to the professionally offended (whoever they are), all i have to say “You have the right to be offended, now **** off.”

    Premier Icon aracer

    Everybody is missing the most important point. Where do I get one of those costumes now?

    Premier Icon Northwind

    I am both a do-gooder and non-commissioned officer in the PC Brigade, but I am completely unfussed about this. Perhaps it’s my history of mental illness giving me some perspective? 😉

    edlong – Member

    A bit of reality here: Mental health stigma is not something that the “professionally offended” have invented.

    True, it is a real problem- just, not one that’s affected by fancy dress costumes.

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