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  • Best Mountain Bike Saddles: Are You Sitting Comfortably?
  • stwhannah
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    Saddle pain can affect both new and experienced riders: so here’s our guide to the best mountain bike saddles.

    By stwhannah

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    “Measure the distance between the centre of the two dimples, and then look for a saddle designed for that width of sit bones.”

    I thought you were supposed to then add 2-4cm depending on cycling discipline?

    My sit bones are 10cm apart, centre to centre, there are no saddles that narrow.

    I’m interested in this as seeking out comfort over long rides.


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    @qwerty Different manufacturers seem to deal with it in slightly different ways, but if you start with your actual sit bone width each saddle should have a recommended sit bone size range. Some have an online saddle finder which might help you once you’ve taken your measurements.

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    Change you undercrackerz every day ?
    An excessively decadent lifestyle indeed.

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    I’ve been nappyless for nearly 2 years now on my Chromag Trailmaster Ltd. It’s expensive but it fits my butt.

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