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  • Are people generally happier with SRAM?
  • Conan257

    The reason I ask, is that i’m trying to get hold of a few bits 2nd hand, and although there is some stuff out there, it’s just a little difficult.

    I’m aware that obviously Shimano outsells Sram, so statistically there should be more 2nd hand Shimano floating around than Sram.

    Would it be that generally people are happier with Sram and don’t upgrade/swap out as much as those on Shimano? Or is it purely due to the amount on Shimano floating around?

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    It tends to break, so it’s not as sale-able.

    That’s only half tongue in cheek as well!


    I like SRAM. Shimano kit isn’t enough to put me off buying a bike but when it breaks or wears out I fit SRAM.


    I’m a bit of a Sram-fan myself, not for any real reason, just started using it 10 years ago and havn’t used Shimano since…


    toyed with SRAM over the last five years with mixed results.

    currently the x9 shifter on my HT rattles and the x9 mech had a return spring failure, the x7 mech that replaced it works ok, but the rattling shifter means that next purchases will consign sram to the bin.

    the other side however is that both shifters/mechs (x9) on my FS work fine – but they are significantly older than the HT kit.


    I like SRAM because i’ve only got 2 fingers and a thumb on my left hand!

    A lot easier than Shimano to use!

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    Probably more XT, SLX and XTR on bikes than X7, X9 and X0. Although in the last year or so that seems to have changed with more X7 and X9 10sp stuff on new bikes.


    Switched back to SLX/XT from SRAM X7/9 and I’m happier with the Shimano stuff. Shifting just seems slicker.

    Not a great fan tbh, I’ll stick with Shimano


    Gradually moving back to Shimano after one to many breakages, like the front mech snapping in half maybe just my luck though


    I prefer Shimano (road bike though).


    I like sram, it just works, works and works. i don’t really care about the shifter action, as long as it goes straight into the gear i want it to, that’s all that mtters to me.

    I had saint, it was just a bit meh.

    Done a few custom bulds with xtr, that stuff is awesome. Plus xtr shifters are the only shimano ones with a shape i like.

    Though i would be trying shimano again if they did a mid high end, 10 speed, short cage, high tension spring rear mech. (bring on short cage xts with clutch in 2013, or the new lower cost versions of saint with clutch.)


    I bought a couple of Sram chainsets ,one for my CX and one for my road bike ,both the BBs were rubbish. The one on the CX lasted a few weeks and I may just be able to save the roadbike one ,but It doesn’t give me any hope to how long the rings will last.
    XT on all my MTBs ,and it never messes up,so I am not going to try Sram gear stuff any time soon.
    I do use Sram chains and they have been very good.


    Here are the facts:

    People who use SRAM tend to think that SRAM is best, beyond doubt.
    People who use Shimano tend to think that Shimano is best, beyond doubt.

    They’re all wrong, though.

    Hope that helps.


    Never had SRAM on any bike (other than forks!!) assuming we are talking about drivetrain.

    SLX seems to work so well not sure why you really need anything else.

    If campag did mtb kit the world would be a far better place.


    Not if Euclid was anything to go by…


    Shimano here

    I like to mix Shim and SRAM. Shimano crank set, cassette and front mech, SRAM rear mech chain and shifters. I think that way I get the best bits of both makes. I like the 1:1 ratio on the SRAM rear mech. Makes it alot easier to setup, and think less prone to mis shifts due sticky cables and mech pivots. SRAM power links on the chain is much more convenient than the Shim approach.


    Mix and match here. I’ve three bikes, two Shimano and one SRAM. All the bikes have Shimano cranksets – I did used to run Truvativ but SLX beats Stylo by a very long chalk. I like the clunky SRAM gearchanges and find that they do soften nicely over time (I’ve a set of X9 shifters approaching their fifth birthday), but I’m struggling to like my XT shifters more than my SLX on bike #3.

    SRAM chains are good, as are their cassettes. No complaints with PG990 but again SLX/XT is a very tough act to follow.


    If campag did mtb kit the world would be a far better place.

    They used to – they stopped.

    Any idea why they stopped?


    It was Pi*h


    Yes or perhaps no.

    I love it, don’t know what Shimano would bring me over what I have so I’m sticking with SRAM. On the MTBs. On the road bike it’s all Shimano and will stick with that there.

    It all seems to work for me, one bike is mostly SRAM and my hardtail is Shimano. Shimano shifting seems to take less pressure, probably due to the longer lever.

    But, extending the topic to BBs, there isnt anything good I can say about Gigapipe other than that it is cheap to replace. I’ll be looking for a new chainset for the summer


    Gone to shimano now had afew problems with sram stuff wore a bb out in a month, broken x9 shifter, shimano shifters feels alot nicer and gears smoother. Pretty much set on buying xt stuff now

    Only problem with SRAM is the jockey wheels
    Shimano also make better front mechs

    SRAM with XO gripshift, X7 rear mech on hardtail
    XT on full suss
    Tandem with X7 triggers and 9.0 rear mech
    All very good and once set up proper don’t need adjusting.


    I don’t like SRAM soley because pricing through Fishers is so pricey that on line retailers sell cheaper than trade. Which is the only thing stopping me buying it.

    SRAM for shifters / rear derailleur, chain and cassette

    Shimano for front derailleur and crankset / BB (Hollowtech II)

    also like SRAM’s Avid hydraulic brakes (Juicy’s a while back and more recently different flavours of Elixir)

    but never liked SRAM / Truvativ cranksets?

    my 1 month old 2012 Stumpy Evo is off the road – the SRAM 1250S crankset and PF30 BB are back at Fishers for ‘warranty inspection’

    after the driveside bearing failed and the crankset started clicking / creaking and working loose after 4 mild XC rides..

    used Shimano HT2 (mainly SLX) for years with no issues to speak of, ever?

    one thing about SRAM in the UK, their service / warranty department at Fishers is top notch, compared to Madison which can be somewhat ‘slow’ and vague..and seem to “credit” the shop’s account rather than send things back fixed or replaced?

    had an issue with my RS Reverb seatpost, and Fishers had it back to me within 4 days of posting


    I’m appalled by the quality of my new SRAM shifters (road)each shift feels like youre breaking something. Shimano is buttery in comparison. I guess that explains why Shimano STIs are heavier, they have more working parts?
    Lovely chainsets.

    It tends to break, so it’s not as sale-able.

    I’ve broken several shimano shifters (XT’s in a crash and deores just fell apart).

    Not broken a SRAM mech yet, but accept that some poeple seem to find them more cheese like than shimano. No problems to report with any of my X9’s though.

    I like SRAM shifters as you can shift with pretty much any digit/knuckle without havingto move a finger, and nice big paddles, couldn’t even find the paddles on the new XT when I tried it!

    GXP BB’s are utter crap though.


    We have both shimano and sram on our hire bikes, and I must say shimano has been consistently better.
    The main problems with sram are sticky shifters, dodgy/poor return springs on rear derailleurs, and extra difficulty when changing gear cables on X9 and above.


    I’ve been running mostly SRAM on my bikes for the last 6 years on so.

    In this time I’ve had 5 bikes, four on SRAM (full groupsets), one on Shimano (that’s a newbie so a bit early to judge).

    The only part I’ve had notable problems with is shifters – had three go wrong in all – they’ve got a tendency to ‘give’ (push the shifter & it won’t shift) when shifting up to a larger chainring – seems to affect newer ones more than the older ones (I’m still running a pair of 2006 X9 shifters without issue). I’m happy to live with this as I prefer the action of the SRAM kit.

    Had 2 sets of Avid Juicys & 3 sets of Avid Elixirs – not had any issues with these either.

    I tend to switch my running gear so I’m running all the same/similar to minimise the amount of spares I need to keep.

    Can’t see how they can justify the price of jockey wheels – if Shimano can produce them at a reasonable price, then surely SRAM can too.

    Have only had experience running 9 speed, so can’t comment on the 10 speed kit.

    My components do get a good workout as I ride almost every weekend & evenings in summer – also do some gravity assisted biking overseas.

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    I went SRAM a few years back when my Shimano rear mech had a big loop of outer and gear cable going into it round the back. I just got sick of ripping the end of the outer and having to re do the gears after trimming back the outer etc..

    SRAM gear cable had a better route less prone to snagging ( Shimano now take a similar route I think)

    I prefer SRAM shifters to Shimano too.

    SRAM x7 rear mech, x7 shifters, Shimano LX front mech, Shimano internal square taper BB, Middleburn chain set and cranks, I got sick of wearing out Shimano external BB’s.

    I agree with the comments regarding SRAM jockey wheels though. My SRAM rear mech has Shimano jockey wheels in it.

    i moved to SRAM last year (x9), and so far I’m liking it (hope I didn’t just jinx it!) but as far as front derailleur…def shimano is superior IMO

    *EDIT* also have run truvativ cranks for 10+ years, worked well for me so far. never had any problems with my shimano’s before that either tho, so take that for what it’s worth…


    In two years i’ve killed two X7 shifters and three X7 rear mechs.

    Finally moving to saint in the coming days. I cannot wait.

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    cheap SRAM mechs are shit

    XO gripshift (left hand / front) is lovely

    their powerlinks are good

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