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  • Apps for drawing dimensioned floorplans?
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    Anyone use and can  recommend a good iOS or Android app for quickly producing dimensioned floorplans?

    I’m stuck in the old  ways of paper and pencil and probably need to drag myself in to the new-fangled ways.

    Doesn’t need to be free  but not hundreds of quids and ideally would have integration with a bluetooth enabled laser.

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    I forget what it’s called now (maybe RoomScan?) , but there is one app that uses the internal gyro to draw you a plan, you place it on every wall and it draws the plan for you.

    It’s quite clever.

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    Can’t see it being a very easy thing to do on a small touch screen. Maybe on tablet with a pen would be OK but IMO its is best done on a computer with a mouse and keyboard. I’ve tried a few apps and they are handy for looking at existing drawings but any kind of editing is a pain unless they are very simple. Draftsight is a good place to start on a PC. Very powerful and similar to a cut down Autocad. There is a lot of online help to get you going. I suspect you may want something more portable though.

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    Yep, looking for something that I can use to produce rough plans on the fly, whilst i’m standing in the room.

    Doesn’t need to produce CAD quality output, just the right shaped boxes with the right sizes on it that I can export to a PDF or suchlike.

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    I tend to use a note taking app and draw sizes onto photos so that I’ve got the information to draw a plan from quickly/easily later and keep it together with any notes/actions that aren’t just measurements (beware randy dog, smells like body buried under floor etc). If you’re using a tablet anyway then any note app you like that gives you quick access to the camera.

    Non of them get me to the camera and back again as I’d like – but Notability does an OK job – what I’d like (app developers if you’re listening*) is to open a frame on the note page that IS a camera and take a photo within the page – rather than click out to a camera take a photo and click back to the page.

    If its on a phone there are a few apps that speed that up by readily creating a line with arrows on that you add a value to – like ‘Photomeasure’

    But I find working over photos more effective than drawing a plan in situ if you’re working quickly and the photos allow you to see if theres important details other than basic dimensions that you’ve missed. I’m usually discussing a plan of action whilst taking the measurements so having the pictures, sizes and notes all on one screen stops details getting missed

    * I keep dropping hints but no bloody app developers have developed the ‘Satnav where the accent changes as you travel’ feature I desperately want.

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    stick to paper and pencil you know it makes sense
    chartwell 2142 150 pages that you cant break when you drop it
    box of pencils splash out on a sharpener if your feeling flush
    no charging required you have a good hard copy at hand
    works in the rain or when dried out, just remembered youre a QS?
    so delete all references to rain and splashing out on a sharpener.
    why complicate things just cos you can?
    try ‘techsoft 2d design’ if you can, its very easy to use (school based drawing package) for drawing out from site notes. Not much help to OP but KISS

    Premier Icon Wharfedale
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    Homestyler is pretty good. Not sure about the laser measure though?

    Premier Icon DT78
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    Book marking, for my home project I’m knocking stuff up in Visio but on a laptop

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    Just been using Magic plan and it is completely fab unless you have some funny angled corners in which case you pay for the simplicity. Works on Android/iOS but with an iPad you can ‘scan’ the room first to get a good idea then it links up with most laser tape measures to get exact dimensions in.  Very straightforward to use. You pay about 4 EUR per building of several floors and lots of rooms per floor. It works nicely and is bargaintastic.  Takes no time at all once you are used to it

    Our only issue is that it doesn’t show some of the smaller dimensions on the pdf it outputs but you can see them when editing . you can also export as DXF to pull into othe drawing software for the full tech experience

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