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  • Appendectomy…how long before I can ride?
  • gwaelod

    I was admitted to hospital at the end of last week to get my appendix out. I’m back home now with a big scar and getting very bored. Op was straightforward, – no infections or post-op complications (so far touch wood) I’m 40 and reasonably fit.

    Any ideas how long it should be before I could reasonably expect to (a) – pootle up and down the local flattish and smooth cyclepath 7 miles to work again (used to be my daily commute) and (b) go proper mountain biking again.


    no idea, what did your doctor say?

    i would think once you’re over the effects of general anesthetic which would take maybe a week, you can cycle as much as you feel like – but im not qualified so my opinion is worthless…

    Premier Icon terrahawk

    it took me a week before I could walk when I had mine out.

    That was 23 years ago though. I’m fine now!


    an individuals rate of healing varies, as does an individuals definition of pootle up and down the local flattish and smooth cyclepath.

    one thing is certain, no-one on here can provide you with the accurate guidance you seek. go speak with your doc, explain your aims and be guided by his advice. his advice may (indeed should) err on the conservative side, but that’s just because he doesn’t want to deal with you being an ill chap again. nor should you.

    my friend did the cwmcarn xc loop about 2 weeks after his (keyhole, mind). But he is a bit keen…

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    keyhole hernia repair last summer and rode 28miles (road) with my 8yr old 10 days later.

    Premier Icon mboy

    One thing I will say is that no matter how you feel, don’t push it. I had mine out, and I felt fine within a few days, but I’ve known other people have theirs out and feel ok, only to overdo things and end up causing their wound to go septic and cause themselves a whole host of other problems as a result!

    It’s best to be slightly cautious than to let your bravado get the better of you, I’ve got a very nice neat little scar from where I had mine out, I’ve seen a couple that went septic and they look well… Not very nice by comparison!

    So, who’s for a “who’s got the neatest/ugliest/shortest/longest appendectomy scar (pictures please) then?” thread? 😉

    Premier Icon paul4stones

    I should add that was what the surgeon advised. Well, not specifically that but walk half a mile the day after,etc then back to running etc after a week.

    Mind you I had a bit put in rather than a bit taken out 😉 And the 28miles took about 4hrs.

    Premier Icon stevemorg2

    some people will do anything to get out of a Welsh course!!!

    take it easy – I’ll catch up with you soon!

    At a guess – and what others have said here about how variable it all is is true – a couple of weeks to be riding at all and a few more for proper mountainbiking.

    But ask your consultant who did the op – you should be able to speak to him / her on the phone if you don’t have an out patient appointment soon.


    It was two weeks before I rode after mine, probably a month before it was full-on, I was about 40 when I had mine done.

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