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  • Anyone worked in Oman?
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    Or anywhere else in the Middle East?

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    Thoughts, comments, warnings, encouragement.

    Your views welcome.

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    My Dads been out there a few years, i've visited once returning in november.

    My impressions are of a fun, welcoming friendly nation, tolerent of western beliefs and culture.

    Great ex pat scene – especially around muscat, plenty of outdoors activities, however it's HOT in summertime.

    Roads are getting better all the time with the main towns and cities connected by modern motorways that put the uk to shame. The standard of driving however is not so good, watch out for the 'suicidal' lady drivers


    Love the people and the country. One of the more forward-looking of the arab states and long-standing friends of the UK. Muscat is the hottest capital city in the world. Great surfing and diving off the coast.


    Never been there, but I do like reading this tale about Dubai…


    Best place to be in the ME, as far as I have heard. Been there once and enjoyed it a lot. Relatively liberal, actual topography, not as hairy driving as elsewhere.


    I went there on holiday to stay with an ex-pat family. Awesome country, ex-pat community massive and very close. Lots of outdoorsy activities to do althouhg as already mentioned super hot in the summer in excess of 40 degrees! but then every where is so air-conned I found I had to carry a jumper around with me.

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    I live in the UAE but visit Oman every couple of months for the weekend. Agree with what Lummox said.

    I'm going there for an 8 day holiday at the end of November to see a bit more of the remote suff, can't wait.

    Diving is meant to be great and although it will get to well over 40 degrees in summer it is possible to camp at over 2000m which is much cooler.


    I do like reading this tale about Dubai…

    May be true, but if Rod Liddle told me the grass was green, I'd look out of the window to check

    fun hover

    I'm in Oman and it is about 40 degrees at the moment outside, in the summer it gets over 50 degrees quite regularly.

    Weekends are on a Thursday and Friday. Which I have great difficulty in getting my head around!

    There is a reasonable biking community out here. Mostly road stuff which will be excellent in the winter (you do need to get used to an early start 6.30 am.)

    I'm just trying to get some nightrides up and running – 30 degrees at night feels cool – and some trail building to take advantage of the excellent rocky topography.

    Give me a shout if you need any more info

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