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  • Philby

    Looking to get a new phone and after a bit of searching found a really good deal for an HTC Desire S with 500 cross-network mins + 5000 texts + 1GB Mobile Internet Browsing for £21.00 a month on the 3 network.

    Since I first had a mobile phone I have got a pay monthly contract directly with Orange, but their price for a similar package is nearer £40.

    Anyone got any experience of as I’ve never heard of them before? Or is anyone aware of any better deals out there?

    Thanks in advance!


    The guy sitting next to me got his phone from there and has had no issues.

    I was going to get the exact same deal you have seen from them but I went through Quidco/Three = £150 cashback.


    what network does talkmobile use? £18pm deal looks pretty good.

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    i used them and they’re fine.


    only problem with that deal is being on the 3 network

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    talk mobile use vodafone, according to wiki


    Thread on moneysavingexpert about buymobilesphones.

    Looking at the recent posts (within last 2 months), there are many posts about avoiding their cashback deals.


    Thanks for all your feedback – its significantly helped with the decision-making process! Why are these things so bloody complicated today 😕 ? I had to get a rail ticket from Bristol to Birmingham last week and it was £30 cheaper buying one from Bristol to Cheltenham return and Cheltenham to Birmingham return than one from Bristol – Birmingham return. Things were so much simpler when I were a lad.


    As a rule I would stay away from any cashback/redemption offers. First of all I was rubbish at keeping track which bill to send, which form to use, but e2save was rubbish with processing the claims. If I did not use Special Delivery to send the bills the bills would be “lost”. Then the company changed its policy to allow 90 days to claim the cashback (that what the guy over the phone told me), then when I got the T&C it said that I still have 30days to send the bill, they have 30 days to process it and another 30days to send the cheque so 90 days in total.

    I now stay away from that sort of deals, either auto cashback offers after 28 days from signing the contract, or just a cheaper line rental.

    Regarding 3 as a network, I’ve been with them for the last 3 years and had zero problems. The signal is good in and around Edinburgh and even if you are somewhere rural and can’t get a 3G signal from them then they just use O2 antennas and if you have data roaming switched on the internet is still free.

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    I used them a few years back and got a PS3 as a gift. Completely painless and PS3 arrived within the time period they quoted.

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