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  • Anyone using Schwalbe Marathon Almotions tubeless?
  • Premier Icon benman
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    I’m currently running Schwalbe Big Apple 2.1’s on my commuter, and think they are brilliant. However I’m using them ghetto tubeless (which was a real pain to seal the sidewalls) and now and again I will wake up to a flat tyre when a pin-hole opens up in the sidewall.

    I’ve seen Schwalbe now offer a very similar looking tyre in their tubeless range – the Marathon Almotion TL Easy. Is anyone successfully using these tubeless?

    Has anyone used both these and Big Apples? If so, how do they compare?

    I can’t really find any reviews online…

    Premier Icon wbm1874
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    I’m running 2.1″ Almotion TL as tubeless on non-tubeless rims. No problems with leaks, in fact they hold air better than Hunt and G-One combo on the other bike. Bit of a pig to get beaded tho, I’d imagine tubeless rims would help here.

    Premier Icon Dickyboy
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    The trick I’ve found with the big apples was to use plenty of sealant and do the tubeless wheel shake properly

    Premier Icon benman
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    I’ve got shedloads of sealant in, and been using them tubeless for a few months now. It’s just every now and then they spring a sidewall leak.

    wbm1874 – cheers for the feedback, good to know the Almotions work well. Might have to give them a punt.

    Premier Icon n0b0dy0ftheg0at
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    The Almotions might well roll amazingly, I’ve not tried them, but they aren’t exactly lightweight if you have hills to climb. You might like the extra effort, just like I’ve been doing my usual hill reps on 45Nrth Gravdals.

    See if you can find 2.35″ G-ONE Speeds (~560g) or perhaps the 43mm Panaracer Gravel King SKs that size big in sales, for instance PX or Merlin.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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