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  • robhughes

    Evening all.Anyone running these in 2.2 flavor either front,rear or both.
    I’ve got a new one sitting here and was wondering whether to buy another or use as front or rear in a combo whith..??.
    Cheers all..


    Have one on the front of my yeti. On the back I have an xr3. Never had any problems. Both tubeless as well.


    They came as standard on my EX9 when I bought it last Feb – I was very happy with them – have had to change cos I wore the rear one down – I now have the front on the rear and bought an FR3 for the front.
    Went tubeless with no problem but might require a few PSI more than you expect if you use tubes and ride predominately rocky trails


    Good choice sir, my preferred choice (over ardents/high rollers etc).
    2.35 front, 2.2 rear….love the grip, love the low weight!

    However…the 2.35 i bought new (good price at evans) had a number of pin holes in the sidewall from new…one ripped larger after a few rides and would no longer seal. Sure its just an unlucky batch!
    Needless to say evans were faultless with returns (1 year bontrager warranty) and my replacement is in the post!

    Both come up wide (2.2 is wider than a maxxis ‘2.35’)


    got them on front and back and running tubeless.. no issues in a year or so. great tyre i think.. 😀


    Cheers..Another on it,s way i think.. 😉

    Premier Icon mactheknife

    Got a 2.2 on the front and i wont be changing it anytime soon. Fast, grippy and a doddle to set up tubeless. Absolutely ace tyre. And £30 from my LBS.

    Premier Icon matt_outandabout

    Front and back here, liking them a lot as ‘just allround and grippy’. Better (apart from rolling resistance) than the Ardents they replaced, certainly better in mud and wet IMO.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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