Anyone ride RS SID 29er forks?

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  • Anyone ride RS SID 29er forks?
  • h4muf

    Will on here does.

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    I’m looking for some 100mm 29er forks, has anyone ridden the RockShox SID? Specifically the XX WC version. I’ve read a BR review that say they’re a bit flexier than the non carbon crown version. Any real world opinions?

    Not than I’m a gnar rider, rather more a heavy/clumsy rider. 😳

    Also interested in any opinions on DT Swiss 29er forks – if there are any out there. The only one I can find on hear says they fell apart after three months. 😯

    Yes. And no. I tried to find one of the carbon crowned versions on the discount German websites where they were going for a half decent price but they couldn’t get hold of them so I got a pair of RCT3’s off CRC…

    With a taper steerer and 15mm axle they’re a really nice fork, good steering, nice suspension action. Although I’m only 10.5st so probably not a great yardstick…


    I have the RS SID Tapered RCT3 version


    I have a SID RCT3 too, it will be for sale shortly too as i have swapped it out for a 120mm Fox

    Its a Giant Overdrive2 steerer with all the bits to fit to a tapered frame, ie headset and stem

    Overall i found it a good fork but it is quite firm through out is travel, it ramps up pretty quickly so can feel quite harsh. This was really over really rough trails, if your sticking to typical XC its ideal with very little bobbing

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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