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  • Anyone play 5 a side football??
  • deadlydarcy

    Am I going to come away with burns and bruises?

    You might, although if you haven’t played in ages, you might want to go to the park and do shuttle runs…the last time I played a warm up game, even though I was bike/run fit, I was absolutely wrecked – I think it’s all the sudden bursts. Quite hard on the ankles too. I miss 5-a-side but I was getting too many knocks to risk it anymore, being self-employed.

    A few guys at work are setting up a 5 a side team to play at our local Goals centre (Teesside). Although its years since I’ve kicked a ball or even been on astro-turf I really fancy it.

    Are the leagues a good laugh? Am I going to come away with burns and bruises?

    crispy bacon

    as DD says its all stop/start in bursts & if you haven’t played for sometime you’ll be on your knees in no time. You may turn an ankle which can be painful so take care. If you have a sub or two then make use of them by switching payers round to rest them.

    The Goals league can be quite competitive so beware if you come up against a skilled side cos you’ll get tanked, also the unskilled can be aggressive IMHO if they start losing & can lash/kick out hopefully the ref will sort any of this nonsense out tho.

    The 3G pitches are great but don’t slide tackle cos you’ll burn/rub the skin off your leg/knees. Get some proper outdoor football trainers as ordinary running trainers are too slippery, maybe get some shinpads too in some Goal leagues they are compulsory.

    Have fun & try to enjoy it.

    Premier Icon nickjb

    We have a regular friendly kick about, just a get together of random players and mix the teams up every week. A few of the guys play in leagues as well and they tell some horror stories. I played in one for a little while but the competitive nature did turn some quite reasonable chaps into idiots. If you are anywhere near North Bristol you are welcome to join us, genuine offer, email in profile.


    I started playing again recently after a 4-year layoff. Although I was in possibly the best shape of my life fitness-wise (regular mountain biking and 10 miles per day cycle commute), I still found it really hard work for the first 2 or 3 weeks. It’s a totally different workout to cycling ie high impact bursts of activity. I hurt like hell for a couple of days after each match. Having said that, it doesn’t take long to get used to it, and I’m massively enjoying playing again.

    Oh, and you WILL get burns and bruises.

    Premier Icon DezB

    I’m going to play in an hours time.. 🙂 Makes coming in on a Monday worthwhile!

    I’ve tried playing with the more competitive leagues, but my ol’ knees ain’t up to it, so I stick to Mondays with work colleagues.

    also the unskilled can be aggressive
    The skilled can also be aggressive! Last league match I played was abandoned cos the most skilled player kept claiming fouls and ended up slapping one of the other team. (I was glad, cos I was knackered!)

    I find biking helps with the fitness as it’s all about recovery… hard sprint, short rest, sprint again. Nothing helps with the twisting and turning (except a good stretch before the game – hamstrings in particular).


    Couple of things. Astro turf is a lot nicer to play on now than it used to, no sand to cover all your grazes and scrapes any more!

    For your first few games you won’t be able to move for a couple of days afterwards!

    Be careful, seen lots of ankles go playing 5 a side (including my own).


    Every time I went from a standing start to a sprint my hamstring did not obey the command
    I gave up
    Alos it it the stretches that really hurt you – well me anyway

    Playing non competitive footy did not massively appeal tbh


    I used to play in the lower leagues round Reading. You’ll be fine, as above it’ll hurt for a while but doesn’t everything good! So long as you have enough subs that you can rotate during a league match you should be OK.

    As for the aggressiveness, you’ll get that at every level. Problem with the lower leagues I think is that folks are less fit so tackles become less controlled.

    Have fun!

    Premier Icon Northwind

    My brother got me to go along to his regular office match once… Did I say match? Bout is probably more the right word. Quite a lot of fun to be had just getting out of the way of people’s kung-fu kicks and watching the results though.

    I don’t think I will be going back.

    Premier Icon DezB

    You’ll be fine he says..!

    We just played – OUTSIDE on 3G ASTRO.

    Can’t. Stop. Sweating!!!

    Premier Icon maxray

    We play on an old skool sandy astro turf pitch. I much prefer 10 mates playing weekly than the Power league as nearly every week would get a bit nasty.

    I only do it for the exercise really, some people have trouble realising it isn’t actually an FA Cup final!



    … the Power league as nearly every week would get a bit nasty.

    I only do it for the exercise really, some people have trouble realising it isn’t actually an FA Cup final!

    I think the goings on at power leagues and goals centres the length and breadth of the country paint a very poor picture of the state of our society.

    I am playing tonight and I guarantee at some point it will kick off, someone will get irrantionally angry at the ref and call him every name under the sun. Without fail someone will be very willing to dish it out but fail spectualarly to take any back.

    This all over a plastic end of “season” trophy. Mind bogling.

    I’m very close to calling it quits TBH. In the winter its good and having people relying on you forces you out in the cold rain to do some exercise but on a night like tonight I’d much rather be on my bike.


    I play most weeks with a group of guys that have been having a regular kick about for yours and it’s really good fun. Took a few months to get back up to speed. Also played in a Sunday night league and it was murder, I’d avoid unless you are fantastic or lime fist fights!


    I play in one of the leagues at my local Goals – I really enjoy it, the pitches and facilities are top notch but the games are VERY competitive and referees of varying standard. Having said all that, still love it and wouldn’t want it any other way. Look away if you don’t want to get roughed up a bit though!


    Pretty much what I expected, might look at just doing friendlies there’s enough of us to get 10 to turn up each week.

    I’d be all for competitive but we all do others things as our main sports and suppose it wouldn’t great to be out of riding from a kick about.

    First match tonight still looking forward to it. 😀

    Premier Icon DezB

    it wouldn’t great to be out of riding from a kick about.

    Yes, that’s happened a few times (damaged ankle & knees).
    5-a-side is quite addictive though, once you get into it.

    Enjoy your game, expect to get HOT!

    After a few months of playing every week you shouldn’t notice too much afterwards

    I play every Monday for about 90 mins and combined with regular biking etc you should be one of the fittest after a while

    The trick is to play regularly.

    crispy bacon

    I echo what grantmccall63 said above, play regularly & you’ll get fitter.

    I now play twice a week & have played once a week for a few years, I’m the wrong side of 50 but I can still be running round at the end of 60mins when the ‘youngsters’ are on their knees.

    I also ride Monday night & do a weekend ride too.

    You do have to be careful as footie injuries can keep you off the bike. I broke my thumb in April playing football & was off the bike for 2 months cos I couldn’t change gear …. still played footie each week though even with thumb in the splint.

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