Anyone "lost" a Yeti Arc in Sheffield?

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  • Anyone "lost" a Yeti Arc in Sheffield?
  • kaesae


    Would suck big time to be without a bike!

    Does it feel different riding it now ❓


    To his credit, the new (wasn’t there when it was sold to them) manager at the shop seemed very keen to help and to avoid the same thing happening again.

    Perhaps they ‘removed’ the dodgy manager.


    Great news that you’ve got your Yeti back, it gives me hope that they can be found!

    If anyone hears anything about my bike (Giant Anthem X with silver Reba Race forks), stolen 3 days before Christmas, please let me know. Here’s the original thread:

    enquiries [at] peak-photos dot co dot uk


    the anthem above was stolen less than 5 minutes walk from the shop where the yeti was found.


    Drillski – Member
    Nice work fellas!
    Shame we can’t get results like this more often.
    You’d perhaps think that the cops might have a dedicated search engine/piece of software that would automatically cross match stolen goods with internet auctions and perhaps shortlist these sorts of things for closer inspection? I mean, sure, with tellies there would be millions and it would be a needle in a haystack, but cetain things, eg MTB’s, perhaps motorcycles, ?
    Or am i just being a bit too 21st century ?
    It’d make a heck of a difference if these clowns couldn’t shift their illgotten gains via t’interweb easily.
    Again, nice result!

    We do have an internal system of sorts which details specifics of stolen items and can be searched by all of our officers with access, not sure how any police system could be linked with outside bodies though? Always worth registering your bikes on the immobilise data base as well as you can upload pictures and it is another system that can be searched.



    It does feel a bit different riding it (partly due to the wierd saddle) – I keep looking over my shoulder in case someone is about to nick it!

    Will of course keep an eye out for yours Rich, hope for a similar outcome.


    Well the police spoke to the guy who sold it to Cash Converters, but apparently he said he “bought it in good faith” and the police can’t prove otherwise…

    All I can hope is that if he did know it was stolen then perhaps a near miss will make him think twice about doing it again.

    I do seem to be a walking-crime wave though, as my van has now been nicked from outside my house 🙁 All properly locked (steering lock too), in a nice bit of Sheffield this time!

Viewing 7 posts - 81 through 87 (of 87 total)

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