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    There's a couple more that are worth considering, Lisa Hannegan, who I'm listening to at this moment, and Inge Thomson, who tours with Karine Polwart. Inge is also in a band called Harum Scarum, and has worked with Will Oldham (Bonny Prince Billy) on a recent album. Her latest album, Shipwrecks & Static, is definitly not conventional folk, her voice is a bit like Heidi Talbot's, quite breathy and sweet, with all sorts of electronic stuff going on in the background along with Inga's flute and piano accordion. Quite indy, I guess. She's from Fairisle, off the Shetlands, and is just the loveliest lady to meet. Fotheringay 2, with Sandy Denny, which was originally recorded in 1970, didn't get resumed until 2007, then released in 2008. It's a lovely album, and really worth checking out.

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    Peatbog Fearies
    Shooglenifty (again)
    Deaf Shepherd
    Old Blind Dogs

    God we're getting old arn't we?

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    Set Lakeman
    Kate Rusby
    Transatlantic Sessions
    julie fowlis

    ……….. folk is more alive than ever before, and is defintely not just for 'the old'

    +1 Decemberists

    and i guess Modest Mouse count as 'shouty' folk

    Also Shona Kipling

Viewing 4 posts - 81 through 84 (of 84 total)

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