Anyone in a job they actually enjoy?

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  • Anyone in a job they actually enjoy?
  • DT78

    Looking for ideas for potential life change –

    Please post if you're in a job that leaves you genuinely happy and content…

    I'm thinking something like the firebrigade / forest ranger must be pretty rewarding.

    im in the fire brigade and i like it i was in the forces before that and that was great too


    Yup my job is ace. Music leader/event manager/lots of other stuff for a community music education charity. Can be hectic/stressful but overall it's great.

    Premier Icon njee20

    I'm a regional transport planner, and I enjoy that. Not quite been doing it a year though, so probably not had a chance to get stale yet!


    I really enjoyed being a highways inspector. It was a few years ago now, but I could organise my own day, had a new Vx Vivaro to drive round in and saw a lot of the country.

    I'm a psychiatric nurse, been doing it 23 years and couldnt imagine doing anything else.


    Architectural Designer…

    ….like a child; I like to draw.


    Product designer. Took me 5 years after uni to get a decent job though. But I kinda knew what I wanted to do when I was 12.


    neuroscientist – not always mega exciting day to day, but a satisfying job.

    On 'grass is always greener' moments I think something bike related would be good, but then think that ending up fixing punctures most of the time or dealing with people too much would spoil it. Plus feel inclined to make use of the PhD I had to work for.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yup me love it.


    GP, very stressful, but I love it.


    Salesman – sorry, "European Business COnsultant" – for small software co.
    Yes, I like it.
    Business is bloody slow, though


    Learning Technologist…. I make websites, videos, interactive pieces etc… basically everything I enjoy doing on a computer but get paid for it!

    Premier Icon nickc

    Run my own telemarketing firm with the missus, mostly ups, gives us the lifestyle we want, time with our children, I can do other stuff that I don't think I could fit in if I had a normal 9-5 job, don't have to ask some-one else about business stuff, no bullshit bingo meetings (well, not often, there are some clients I could mention…). On the other hand, you are everything, from MD to cleaner and the buck stops with us. Can't see myself doing anything else in the near future though.


    trade counter manager…i enjoy my job…
    good lad's at work, most of the customers are fine…not very fullfilling..loads of internet stress….cycle in everyday…and make a very good wage…. 8)


    telemarketing + enjoy 😕


    geologist and love it. great job, very interesting work, satisfying and very well paid.

    Premier Icon nickc

    telemarketing + enjoy 😕

    Depends on the clients, what you're selling, and who you work with. It's not all bathrooms, and windows…

    Premier Icon takisawa2

    Project Engineer with BEng in Mech Eng'.
    Keen to explore becoming a teacher.
    BEng probably means I could do CDT or something.

    Premier Icon JohnClimber

    Yep, Sales Rep, sorry "Key Account Manager" to the gardening trade.

    Having a current family issuse (other thread) and the boss is very understanding. When on the road he lets me get on with it, I maybe speak to him once or twice a month. But if my figures slip god help me 😐

    teach bikeability to primary school kids in Torbay. as you can imagine, it's hell ;).looks like it's all coming to an end though so not too sure what the future has in store.

    Nurse here – good days and bad days – sometimes its awful ( nasty tragedies or more work than you have time to do)

    Sometimes its great – when you make a real difference to someones life or something goes really well.

    You can get a taste of the job too before committing – wrk as a care assistant in a nursing home – plenty of jobs out there – its one of the worst jobs in the nursing field so if you get on well with that its worth doing the training to become a registered nurse.


    I work for myself as a freelance illustrator ( and I love it. I work from home in my pants and can go out on my bike whenever I want.


    Find a job thats close to your hobbies.

    Work on your state of mind, jobs are what you make of them.

    Premier Icon Beagleboy

    I love my job.

    I'm a research technician in a molecular biology lab. The pay is rubbish and the commute into Glasgow is a nightmare (my bus is the window licking zoomer express), but I wake up in the morning looking forward to what the day will bring me.
    I think a lot of the excitement and enjoyment I get from my job is because after leaving school at 16, I drifted from one job to another before settling as a stainless steel welder in a factory. The subsequent, soul destroying years of monotony, before I quit and went back to college then Uni, really bring home to me how lucky I am with my job and life now.

    B. 🙂

    I love my job.

    Support worker for drugs/alcohol/sex-workers.


    Software Systems eEngineer

    Good stuff:
    Problem analysis
    Coding (not much these days)
    Training and coaching developers and end-users

    OK stuff:
    Designing tests
    Testing and fault tracking

    Rubbish stuff:
    Trying to make contracts people look beyond the contract
    Proposal writing
    Company and European geo-politics
    The mindless box ticking mentality that has drained the joy out of development work


    A&E Charge Nurse, and I love it – it's the 'nasty tragedies or more work than you have time to do' that I turn up for 😀


    Bianchi-Boy, I bet you have a good friday night 😉


    I'm a Facilities Management Consultant and I think it's great. 8)

    Meet lots of different people, clients are good (at the moment), variety of different things to keep the interest going.

    Out and about 2-4 days a week. Folk in the office are a good bunch.

    Premier Icon easygirl

    police officer, love love love it, every day

    Similar to BeagleBoy – went back to uni to retrain after 12 years of cr@ppy jobs (and I do mean CR@PPY – mostly catering type stuff).

    Now a wedding photographer and absolutely loving it – lots of creative options – made a lot of good friends in the profession which is important when you're self employed – it's easy to become isolated and never learn anything new.

    Ruined a good hobby though…….


    ooOOoo – Member

    Product designer. Took me 5 years after uni to get a decent job though. But I kinda knew what I wanted to do when I was 12.

    Don't suppose you're looking for an intern or a grad? i graduated in july as an industrial designer and i'm looking for an opportunity.

    Mr Woppit

    Studying for "Domestic Energy Assessor" – expecting to enjoy it very much…


    Freelance real estate analyst.
    Work very little hours, but get paid daft big amounts of money.
    Im at the top of my tree, but there's nowhere intellectually to go, so Im bored and looking for a change.

    Mental stimulation is the most important thing to me so it's time for a change.
    Think Im either going to end up as a builder or a motor boat service technician….whichever comes along first…


    Academic – loooove it, and not for the perks Terence Kealey recently described 😉

    Lorry driver. Love the job, hate the hours. Get to travel all over and have an afternoon nap every day.


    Senior Rail Engineer – Quality Job, proper satisfaction 'cos you get to build things then use them everyday along with 1000's of other people. :mrgreen:


    takasawi2 – your BEng in Mech Eng should allow you to teach Maths and Physics I reckon.


    Has its advantages.

    good points, start early so more free afternoons manage my own job and have a great opo

    bad points, the 'others' with whom i am forced to work, plus constant back pain.

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