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  • anyone here built a Koi pond?
  • ski
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    Love random chat questions here, so though I would see if anyone here had made their own koi pond, I want to build one above the ground to go above a patio. Seen a few made from old sleepers, what filtration did you opt for and any tips ūüėĀ

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    Always make at least 4ft department if intending to keep koi

    If you are keeping koi, good air pump is essential likewise filter. My brother has Nexus easypid picked for a bargain on eBay

    Don’t overstock at beginning

    Use a good liner

    Watch out for predators, netting is useful and raised ponds are good

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    Old sleepers are full of crappy preservatives. Make sure anything down hill of them won’t be affected by shit leaching out of them.

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    Underwater shelters for the fish to hide in.
    Net it.
    Filter, filter, filter.
    The size fish grow to is reckoned to be governed by the size of the pond. Big pond…big fish.
    Put down a good cushion layer under the liner.
    Make sure there is an easy way for the frogs to get out of the pond. You will get them ‚Äď for free.
    Pond plants are a must. Even something as basic as Canadian Pondweed will do a good job.

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    hi, yeah I did mine about 15 years ago, it’s still going strong. Dug down about two feet and then put brick walls on a concrete collar. It’s about 12’L x 7’W x 5’D and about 2,500 gallons.

    4 inch bottom drain gravity fed filter into a big four box filter similar to this and then a 700gph pump back in via a UV tube and venturi

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    I know it was 15 years cos the original liner reached the end of it’s lifespan over the summer and i had to replace it

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    I’ve seen a few and tbh they were all a bit carp.

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