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  • Anyone had stuff collected from USA back to UK?
  • geordiemick00
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    I have a requirement to have some skates picked up from Illinois and back to the UK. As Bauer won’t allow their US dealers to ship outside of North America I’m having to have them sent internally, for them then to be shipped to me.

    Can anyone recommend a carrier and what are the incoming costs when they land on our shores? i.e. customs tax and clearance charges. The skates are $499.

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    Having attempted to buy a carbon Fatbike fork from the US, make sure its correctly labeled and paid as a parcel all the way to your door.

    My seller forgot the pay the correct fee and when it arrived in Germany it was assessed paid as a letter not a parcel…. They chose UPS which I thought would have sorted it.

    Track 17 did a great job of tracking in through the US into Germany and back via Hawaii…

    Seller was great and an easy refund.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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