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  • Anyone got an Exposure light with ‘sync’ and like the sync element?
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    I need a new helmet light and considering the Diablo. Torn between the standard mk12 and the sync mk2….

    The sync concept sort of appeals – not so much the setting it up with an app bit but the remote on the handlebar and the bar light being toggled at the same time. Not that I own a sync bar light but when I do need one I could buy a sync compatible one too.

    With the amazing STW search function I’ve only found frustrated owners struggling to get the sync to ….er..sync. But they are over a year old, maybe things have improved. Tell me your stories of it actually being good so I can waste more money I don’t have buy that version instead with more confidence.

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    I tried the Diablo SYNC. In my opinion having a remote is almost an essential feature on a helmet mounted light. Means you can switch through various modes without taking your hands off the bar on tricky terrain and simultaneously extend the battery life whilst getting a beam to meet your needs at the time.

    The smart features allow you to customise the modes to avoid having to cycle through superfluous flashing beams and the like.

    So the Diablo has a very beta implementation of a remote I think. It looks like a prototype. The buttons are small, significantly smaller than the square remote which doesn’t look like it belongs on the handlebars.

    In the short time I tried it the buttons were too small to operate effectively with my full fingered gloved hands and I couldn’t tell which mode I was in, so I ended up running a higher beam than normal and running the battery out on what was quite a short road ride. In fairness the beam effectiveness would have been affected by the wet road surface and the slightly misty air but the run time wasn’t good enough for me.

    The light, like all Diablos was a well constructed, small and light (in weight) package but the remote was what I bought it for and I was disappointed. I was peed off the phone app needed to ping out some Google analytics too which is unnecessary. Lupine avoided that but then German software companies respect user privacy more in my experience.

    Ended up paying significantly more for a Lupine Blika in the end. It’s better all round for usability and functionality. Both the software and the hardware are better. It’s not as integrated as the Diablo but I don’t regret my purchase. It cost a lot more in price so should be better really.

    If you can forgoe the integrated aspect of the Diablo then perhaps look at Gloworm. They were the alternative before I went for Lupine. Otherwise the Lupine Piko would be a very good one to get.

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    Interested to hear views too as I am probably going to upgrade my mk4 Diablo soon. I can’t quite see the point in the sync feature – I have set my current Diablo on mode 4 (I think) which gives two brightness settings and allows me to toggle from low to high when I need more light, and back down when I want to conserve battery.

    Diablo is helmet mounted and paired with a Toro on the bars. The Toro has reflex tech which is actually pretty nifty – it drops the output when you are climbing, stationary, etc to conserve battery and works pretty well.

    I’m not that convinced that the TAP tech on the current Diablo is going to be that great either – it’s not that hard to reach up and push a button.

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    Original Sync Diablo here.
    I like the concept… The remote is a great feature although it does tend to need re-pairing occasionally (pairing again; not mending!).

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    Update – I did go for the sync model in the end. No connection issues so far (although the instructions for how to connect it the first time with not in the box and were a bit tricky to search out.

    One (to my mind) significant downer is that there appears to be no way to turn it totally off, though as stated the instructions for the sync were non existant so I could have missed it. It’s always hunting for the remote and your phone. It arrived completely dead and in need of charge but my older exposures that have not used for months still have a reasonable charge when turned on. So it appears if you have a week or two without a night ride and have a spur of the moment urge for a ride, you might be disappointed.

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