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  • Anyone got a new Nukeproof Giga frame? Had some questions!
  • lardman
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    Just ordered one which (I hope) will arrive in a couple of weeks.

    Are the internal cables easy to route? As if they’re a pain, I’ll get the LBS to do it.

    Is the supplied frame protecting ‘clear coat’ stuck in the right places? Sufficient? As I’m considering a wrap if not.

    Any idea on QR seat post collar size?


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    Hi Lardman, good choice 🙂

    Internal cables were pretty easy – can’t remember if there are ‘channel’s inside the frame but it defo wasn’t a massive pain. The grommets to stop the rattles are a bit undersized. My mate drilled them out a bit to fit. Only ended up putting one on dropper cable and had no rattles from any of the cables.

    The routing is a bit meh tho as it comes out of the middle of the frame. Defo add more protection there as it rubs the down-tube. Also watch out for mech cable routing round the shock. Mine was rubbing the X2 can so I added more protection there.

    Aside from that tho, the supplied protection kit is good. Which is defo a good thing as the paint is rubbish 😉 Mine took a battering on the Basque trip. If I’d fitted a bash guard before, I probably would have got away without any major paint loss. Also with 2.6 tyre in the back, I’ve added a bit to the inside of the chain stays.

    31.6 for dropper. I ended up running a PNW 200mm as I couldn’t fit a 210.

    Awesome bikes, only thing I’m not that happy with is the X2. Hence considering a coil.

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    Here’s one in the wild for you 🙂

    Bluebell Yat Ride

    Katy Curd Coaching - FoD

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    Thanks for the response. Good to know about the routing etc. I’ve ordered the feni. Coil frame, as I’m (clearly) a bit of a chunker and coil is always king.

    Did you mean a downtube bash guard?
    I’m not overly fussed about frame chips/scratches as I I’m rider not a re-seller. But, nice to know about flaky paint job!

    Nice green colour there…. I wish they did the Fenix coil in other colours too. Mines black (which is ok) but a little boring.

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    Chain Guard. I didn’t fit one and the ‘lug’ under the BB took a heck of a battering.

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