anyone else laid up ?

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  • anyone else laid up ?
  • ton

    started with headaches, stomach cramps and aches 2 week ago. soon turned to very raw throat and hacking cough.
    went to see the doctor after a week. it had turned into bronchitis.
    finished a course of antibiotics yeaterday. still poorly.

    and all this bloody good weather isnt helping me at all. mood is darker than ever.

    enjoy your easter people…….. ;o(

    Premier Icon fd3chris

    Yep. Got my right thumb caught in my dogs mouth, lost the top of it. Rushed in for an op and nail removed and top sewed back down. Thumb is wrapped the size of a melon so sitting here looking at the new bike i got delivered two days ago and haven’t been on yet


    ooh, i bet that is sore mate. heal well.

    Premier Icon fd3chris

    Yes it’s throbbing like in the cartoons 😊 and you Ton.

    Premier Icon Drac

    Yeah bronchitis is awful it takes awhile to recover. Hope you’re sorted soon.

    Premier Icon schmiken

    Yep. Got bitten by an insect two weeks ago but suddenly swelled up, and turned into a case of cellulitis.

    Had an operation on Wednesday and have been in hospital since last Sunday. The biggest piss take is that I’m a teacher and this has sucked up my holiday time!

    Edit: Properly gross photos available on request ..

    Premier Icon fd3chris

    I have to admit this is making me feel slightly better knowing I’m not the only one lol


    Rode yesterday for the first time in 6 weeks – started with tickle throat, chest infection, sore throat, sinusitis and only just been shifted by a does of antibiotics, my first dose in 15 years !


    Rotator cuff tear. 4 weeks at least off work, minimal cycling in that time and got to rest up my right arm! 10 days in I have cabin fever


    Good weather you say.

    Oh wait that’ll be my presence requested on a rusty shed in the north sea.

    Although Beats being sick.

    Get well soon.

    3 weeks and counting with a fractured wrist. Very frustrating given the weather we’re being treated to.

    Premier Icon timbog160

    Absolutely sympathise – 3 weeks into torn medial and cruciate ligaments – weather is driving me fr**gin nuts!


    Yup, broke my right collar bone in November, 3 months off the bike. Was just getting my confidence back and broke the left one on Tuesday. Gutted is an understatement!


    Broke my leg on Ullock Pike last Thursday evening, stretchered off by Mountain Rescue, lower / right Tibia spiral fracture, 4 days in hospital, now got a rod down the middle of the bone and a few screws, out of action for a while i’d say.
    Sick as f*ck !!


    Somehow pulled a muscle/done some mischief to my shoulder whilst changing the battery in my wife’s car. Been on strong painkillers for 2 days as pain is pretty bad otherwise.
    Managing to do light activities but feel pretty spaced out!

    Premier Icon grahamt1980

    Yep, went over the top of a berm at chicksands, wrist and shoulder unhappy with life. Thankfully not broken but had to cancel uplift at fod today


    Was getting back to something approaching normal riding after a knee replacement that didn’t go as planned and took a long time building up a 2nd hand Ritchey Road Logic to rekindle the road love. Came off first ride out when front wheel washed out after oil on the road. Fractured collar bone, fractured hip and bruised ribs but luckily bike not too bad! Also glad I was wearing the knee pad. Totally bored now.

    Stupid cold for last 4 weeks, just getting over it and now stuck in work trying not to break things (and failing) for 2 x 12 hr days and then lates.

    Guess what, my 5 rest days after this it’s raining and the commissioning OT Sunday shift in a weeks time is now cancelled.

    On the + side I’ve just been emailed a picture of my new Curtis being built!


    Have a nasty cold, so sat indoors as its far too hot outside. Had loads of jobs planned, but they’ll have to wait. Gutted.

    I’m going round the bend with boredom and frustration.
    + I’ve found loads of ways of making it worse :
    Checking Strava to see what a good time all my friends are having.
    Watching MTB trail vids on You Tube.
    Going for a walk around the local riding area and seeing how fantastic the trails look 🙂


    Yep, another bed-day for me, as I was out and about yesterday and my knee pain has flared up.
    Knee surgery probably about 3 months away now, so I’m expecting this year to be very horizontal overall.
    Bumped into some mountain bikers in the pub the other day and said I’d join them for some rides in about a year if all goes to plan. I’ve not been out on the mountain bike for about four years now.

    Premier Icon vondally

    My bowel has decided to turn itself inside out – follows a coup!e of weeks of general rundown symptoms.
    It is the worst case of the gutrot for me since visiting Nepal last coming up to a decade ago.
    Simply sh*t.


    Yup. Finally got my CT cardiac scan on Thursday (been waiting 5.5 months!) So maybe another 3-4 weeks til I see my consultant for results and to see whats what. expecting stents. Meanwhile medication is making feel crap, can’t and not allowed to ride and even a steady wander is really too much 🙁


    3 UTIs in 1 and a half months, manage to get lovely ride yesterday now the super strong antibiotics have kicked in… midnight cramp in my calf has left me hobbling round the house with a mood like thunder. finest weather of the year so far 🙁

    Knee arthroscopy 2 weeks ago, stiff stiff & a bit swollen (so’s the knee). Managed to wash the caravan today though, including the roof.
    Get better soon Ton, i bet the Mrs is fed up with you being fed up!

    Throat red raw, disguised by thick phlegm, physically fatigued like I’ve done some big rides back to back. Caught from family just in time for this nice weather Easter weekend, managed to do a gentle ride yesterday, but really struggled to get through today including work. Expecting to be in bed soon, shattered.


    Sciatica for a few months now, can’t ride, surf etc & have to take painkillers to be able to sleep, grumpy as ####


    Week 2 of no riding after an otb chest plant broken bones..not enough pain (as I know how that feels).. extremely sore but getting better by the day .
    Get well soon to everyone out there feeling like shite ..


    Yup, managed to separate my humerus from the ball joint, falling off the bike transfer three weeks ago . All I can say is it really, really hurts … 🙁

    Yep – home from hospital yesterday( see my thread)

    Still got half a ton of clotting glue up my nose 👃🏻

    Trip to France cancelled – we were supposed to be going on Sunday for a week.

    Wish you all better

    Health is more important than anything

    Sciatica here too after a couple of prolapsed discs 10 weeks ago. Hurts like a mofo most of the time.


    Sciatica (L5) and a nasty abdominal pain here. Awaiting CT scan date.

    Hasn’t stopped me surfing and cycling, but has slowed my pop-up down and makes everything painful in my left leg.

    Stretching/yoga poses hopefully helping a bit.


    Yes, busted clavicle last August, three months of non-union, plated in November, was beginning to get out on the bike then I had a capsule release op for the frozen shoulder two weeks ago. The surgeon said: “If you think two broken ribs and a clavicle were painful, wait ’til you experience this!” and he wasn’t wrong, it hurts like **** especially when I’m doing my stretches to keep it from re-freezing while it heals.

    If I’m back to full fitness a year after the accident I’ll be happy. All this for a moment of recklessness.


    Been bed-bound since friday, decided I was going stir crazy so popped out to closest (but horrible) pub for a pint.
    Bloody hell, wish I hadn’t. Horrible people in the pub, crazy bloke over the road f-ing and blinding into his phone, then a bloke opens his car-door on me as I’m riding home.
    I’ve never liked this bank holiday weekend!

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