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  • Anyone driven the Nurburgring ?
  • atlaz

    If you CAN find a regular to sit in the passenger seat for a couple of laps, you might benefit from their experience in terms of where to push, where to be careful etc.


    samuri – Member

    Someone once showed me a brilliant video from the ring, hang on…

    See if you can count how many people leave their cars.

    excellent find, love the BMW 02’s and even saw an NSU in there I think

    the guy just casually falling out of the beetle is hilarious


    This is one place I would like to have taken previous sports cars / would like to take future… Don’t think I would want to do it without insurance though, what happens if some one drives in the back of you?

    The other place I would like to have a go is Cadwell Park, it looks a proper fun little circuit.


    I have a mate who lives in Trier so went up to the ring when I visited him. I was in a fully loaded Vito on my way back from Finland. Nearly rolled it on a road in Norway so decided against being a mobile chicane for others and just watched a while. All the garages on the road up to the ring are full of wrecks that didnt make it back.


    On the first day of our visit the track was closed to the public, The European super car club had hired the track for the day which was nice, There were hundreds of Ferrari’s Porsche’s Lambo’s etc.
    Everyone was really very freindly and more than happy to let you have a nose of there car.


    I used to go a couple of times a year to the ring, on bike on in car. The 1st lap (guided) had my heart almost jumping out of my chest! one hell of a buzz! That was on a bike. In a car, its not quite the same buzz, although still fun.
    Unfortunately bar the 1st visit, it rained or was too foggy for my future visits (7times), plus the fact that some n*bber clipped my back swingarm and went tunbling, then claimed on my insurance 🙁 as he couldnt accept his responsibility, has meant I’m not going back for a soul purpose visit. If I’m in the area I would pop by.
    Its also a bit of a rip off now – was 12 euros a lap when I first went, its now well over 20 I think! I’d much rather do a trackday at Spa, which is fantastic 🙂


    what happens if some one drives in the back of you?

    If your on the left side of the track, its your responsibility to move out of the way of faster traffic. The police, and the marshalls are ruthlessly efficient.


    this was me, last week

    good fun 😀


    SurfMatt would be awesome round there….

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