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  • Anybody ridden the 650b Five yet?
  • Toasty

    Climbs better, it is 3lbs lighter then my 2012 model.

    Even if they’ve saved a couple of hundred grams from the frame, the wheels, forks and tyres will add it back again I’d guess.

    Wonder if they’ve sorted proper clearance for doubles, that was always a bit of a mess up at their end.


    I rode both the 29 and 650b (medium for both) back to back at a demo day at Dalby the other day. I haven’t ridden an orange 5 before though, so can’t compare to the 26″ -sorry!

    The 29 was heavy and felt unresponsive in tight stuff, until you really threw your weight at it. Once you got the hang of riding like that it was good, but I suspect for unfit people like me it would be very wearing over a longish ride. The 650b was like a different bike – it was lighter for a start, but could make the corners without leaning on the bars like a gorilla, and climbed way better. If I had the money I would be very very tempted…


    I tried the new 650b at a dealer demo day and was very impressed , I ride a 26″ 2013 five normally and was so impressed I had to demo one again and have since ordered , rolls fast feels light and sprightly through the turns I was stunned by how confidence inspiring the bike was

    Bit annoyed with this whole 650b revolution shite, bought a decent set of 26 wheels last year thinking oh well if anything the wheels won’t change so I’ll get some good’ns. How long until everything’s on 26.75″ wheels? </rant>

    650b does not mean a radical change in the rear triangle:

    Tracer 2 chainstays 16.9″
    Tracer 275 chainstays 17.0″

    This is kinda the point of the 650b idea: A bigger wheel without making a longer bike. (not that there is anything wrong with long bikes)

Viewing 5 posts - 41 through 45 (of 45 total)

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