Anybody else got a stinking rotten cold/chest infection?

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  • Anybody else got a stinking rotten cold/chest infection?
  • Desperately need to make up a fancy title for my ‘cold’. Much more of this and I will be broke having bought all sorts of crap for all of my bikes over the last few days. All bikes running perfectly, even bled the brakes on my best bike which won’t be out for months. I need a target an adventure, a quest no less…

    Thecrookofdevon – have I mentioned the Big Bike Bash before?

    This is might quest and adventure for a bold soul like you. It is also not until the end of August so you may feel better by the. Google I now, read the reviews and buy the tickets. You will feel better.

    I felt fine when I woke this morning but now have a temperature and have coughed up half a bucket of phlem. Hoping to accelerate the illness with a long hot bath and a bottle of laphroig.

    Loads of coughing and splutering in my local Chavsda.

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    Been laid up since chrimbo night, full of snot, coughing, ache all over, no appetite, now hurts to blow my nose muscles across my back really tight, getting properly fed up with it now 😥 on the plus side my wife has been an angel

    Anybody else got the feeling of something trapped in their chest.The irritation causes me to have coughing fits.Starting to get fed up with it.


    Cold of doom sufferer here too, i thought i was over the worst of it so went for a little bimble on the ss today, bad idea it almost killed me and now i feel rotten again. Harumph!

    WCA-how did the booze option go?Worth a try?

    I’ll see your Cold Of Doom and raise you Tonsilitis.

    Has successfully put paid to any and all plans I had for the last few days of the year.

    sore throat
    red, swollen tonsils
    pain when swallowing
    high temperature (fever)
    a general sense of feeling unwell (malaise)
    white pus-filled spots on the tonsils
    swollen lymph nodes (glands) in the neck
    pain in the ears or neck

    And you can add to the list of The Usual Symptoms: a migraine that could floor a cow (it hurt to look at anything), nightmares, loss of appetite and an inability to sleep.

    I pray for a swift death.

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    Yep a chest infection here, possibly a side effect of the new asthma medication the doc gave me a week ago WTF, but at least no streaming nose. No roast potatoes for me tomorrow at my sisters

    Really GJP ? I’ve recently had my asthma drugs changes ( well thats after finally admitting at 42 that I do have asthma ) and from the start they’ve made my chest feel irritated and now I have another chest infection, I know we men complain about being Ill but constantly getting chest infections is boring and time consuming.


    UPDATE: Still praying for a swift death here.

    The worst virus I’ve ever had has morphed into a bad headcold with cough.



    Started coughing on boxing day. Had to go to bed a few hours later, spent four days in bed. Feel a lot better but the ache seems to be right inside my bones. Feel very weak still, this has been a bad one.

    Ho hum

    I feel better now.

    Not surprising really, as I started back at work today, grrr!


    Have not had any colds/coughs at all this year until day after boxing day, it’s now gone to my chest but it’s not an infection as i feel fine, just a small space monster hoiked up every now and again. Disappointed I didn’t make it till the end of the year germ free 😐

    Me to Mr Smith.Do you find yourself sweating alot?


    Did have a sweat inducing curry last night. And this morning lurgy more or less gone. 😀

    Had it for weeks now – more or less OK apart from the continually-blocked sinuses and hacking cough. At least I’m coughing loads of crap up which can only be a good thing…


    as above Ive had “it” since 12th December, had 48 hours of feeling really crap, but just had snotty nose and hacking cough since. Coughing up some nice brown/red/green chewy blancmange stuff now which is nice.


    Yeah had a cough for the past month or so. I cam still ride and go to work though so not the end of the world!

    Got some boomerang thing that gives me all the symptoms mentioned above, never develops into anything especially serious but never completely goes away either. Maybe feel clear for a week or so, then it comes back.

    Been going on since October.



    Hmmm I got a sore throat last Thursday that was never too bad but in the last couple of days has developed into a full blown cold so I guess it’s going to take about another week to go.

    Have had for nearly a week now. Sore throat then flu like symptoms that put me in bed for a day or so. Now it’s attempting to get on my chest. Annoying. Need to be fit for skiing in two weeks.

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