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  • Any triathlon people here???
  • Creg
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    A new Triathlon club has started at Uni and Im quite keen on joining.

    Im a lazy fat turd and have not done any major exercise in over a year so as a result Im really out of shape. Ive also had ACL surgery a few years ago. Im thinking of joining primarily for the training and to have an active goal to work towards (possibly a race next year). I know its going to be really hard work and Im not exactly the most motivated of people at the moment

    Has anyone else done any Triathlons? Anyone got any tips for someone new?

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    Don’t do it – before you know where you are you’ll have transformed into a fitness Nazi, obsessed with VO2 Max, resting heart rate and body fat. You’ll have lost any passion or soul you had for riding a bike and will bore people with your lack of conversation and superior attitude. The climax will be that when invited to your friends’ weddings, you’ll take your own, nutritionally balanced food with you.

    Seriously – I’ve seen some do this!

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    I might just stick to being a lazy turd then….

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    You’ll have lost any passion or soul you had for riding a bike

    Also any ability you may have had to negotiate ‘technical’ road features such as corners, roundabouts, speedbumps….

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    What a load of utter tosh
    Its as serious as you make it FFS.
    Guess what – i race olympic distance tri at pro/elite level, i race my mtb at national level pro/elite – it doesnt rob you of skill it just gives you something to do. Structure CAN be part of it but it can be quite fun and satisfying knocking off a race and doing the bits you think you can;t do (like swimming for me which is my weakest discipline by miles. I drink beer, i eat crap food sometimes, i’m about as serious as i like to be and i eat a nutritionally complete diet including gin, beer, spirits, kebabs etc Don;t listen to the knobs – get yourself into it. You’ll find earnest, serisou types in all the clubs 🙂

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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