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  • Any reading on training for oldies?
  • TiRed

    There was an excellent article in Cycling Weekly a few months back. Not seen any books specifically aimed at oldies. I follow the Time Crunched Cyclist training plan for commuters (loosely) and have raced E1234 masters this summer (9/12 races). They seem to be doing alright on whatever plans they are following because the average speed was 27.4 mph last week 😯 . Over the season I’ve gone from making up the numbers to top third and even placed top 10. This is my first season racing.

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    Joe Friel does quite a bit of stuff about training for the older athlete.

    +1 for Joe Friel, his site and MTB Bible training book have a fair few sections for the elder racer


    I can find plenty of real basic stuff, not much more than saying ‘look after yourself’
    But I’d like to see if there is anything written especially for the saga set.


    As other have said Joe Friel is yer man, Riding Past 50, ISBN-13; 978-0-880011-737-1.

    There’s a lot of pretty basic stuff in there, but there are also some very specific targets and guidance and I use aspects of the book as part of my road riding / training


    Joe Friel’s blog has recently had a few entries about age-related stuff as well.

    depends how old. light bike full suss only on gentle paths, suggest carpet bowls might be a bit more sensible if bones are brittle as a broken hip can really spoil your autumn years.

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