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  • Any incredibly cheap 26″ 36 hole rims around?
  • submarined

    As above really, I’m turning my DMR Sidekick into a trainer bike for my wife 😀

    Currently rocking a vintage Bulb  with a 517 that’s had a bit of, a hard life… As a result it’s slipping at the same point due to missing spokes and large dinks in the rim.

    All the cheap ones I can find are 32h. Almost looks like it’d be cheaper to build up something on a Deore or something. But I’m quite attached to these hubs 😮

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    SH/ebay likely the best place.


    Hi there.

    Was in the loft the other day and found some brand new unused Mavics I had bought for a transition klunker upgrade a couple of years back.  The klunker sold ages ago so they are surplus.

    I destickered the rims when bought, so am unsure of model, but they had the newer branding on the rim. So modern mavic at the cheaper end of the scale.

    I’ll try and drop Stif a line and check my order history if you like?

    Im in the north west for pick up.

    wouldnt want much for them at all to free up some space.

    Apologies if not of interest!

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    Define “incredibly cheap”. Plenty around the £15 mark from a quick eBay search.


    Just called Stif.  They are EN321 in 26″ and 36 hole.

    Again, apologies if not interested!!

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    From £8 and up:

    I’ve found ‘Ryde’ (formerly ‘Rigida’) Rims to be quite good Quality ad VFM in the past…

    See Also:

    I’ve had good results with ‘Exal’ rims also in the past, DC19 looks a good option; 26″, 36H @£20…

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