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  • Any good deals on micro SD cards around?
  • Premier Icon danrandon

    Mymemory always have good deals on them. Subscribe to their newsletter to get the latest offers.

    Premier Icon Cougar

    memorybits is my go-to usually. Dunno of any specific offers (though given the cost of them these days you’re probably talking pence).


    mobymemory is worth checking in addition to those above

    Premier Icon ir_bandito

    I need to get more storage on my phone so I can download the latest singletrack mag (obviously)

    Where’s good value for a reasonable quality micro SD card?

    Premier Icon creagbhan
    Subscriber is pretty good pricewise. I dont work for them, or own them.


    7dayshop is always my first stop for memory, they regularly have good offers, and have a good range, too.

    Steer clear of ebay!!! Unless theyre branded cards. The cheap ones are seconds that dont reach the full advertised gb and can become corrupt when the data barrier is reached as i found out twice!!!!


    I was in China recently and memory cards were, quite literally, pence.
    They looked like genuine cards, packaging locked genuine, but I wouldn’t trust them at all.
    I suspect that some of those make their way onto ebay……beware.


    Our local telco had some pretty good deals on Sandisk cards. It may be the same elsewhere. Most were 1/2 price or less.

    Lots of fake cards out there particularly on auction sites.

    Having a great deal of success with lexar 633 cards at the moment – using them in my GoPro Hero 3+ which requires a pretty robust card. My thoughts on cards here –


    Ebuyer has a lot of pretty good deals on at the mo


    The going rate seems to be around a tenner for 32gb.

    Amazon is worth a look, I normally go for SanDisk cards but the Samsung ones are a little less so I’m tempted to go for one of those instead.


    Kingston 32gb Class 10 for about £11 at 7dayshop
    Fast enough and it’s Kingston

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)

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