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  • Another tyre question…. but this time it’s automotive. Wide vs narrow
  • Premier Icon alpin

    Currently got the winter tyres on the van. The summer tyres are in storage (storage costs 60€ a year).

    Summer tyres are 16″ 215mm wide.
    Winter tyres are 17″ 235mm wide.

    I’m thinking of selling the summer tyres inc. the rims as I doubt the performance difference adds up to 60€. Plus it saves the hassle of going out and changing them and any chance of being caught out by the weather or the police.

    The summer vs winter thing has been covered enough…. But, what is the hive mind’s thinking toward narrow vs wide rims?

    Bearing in mind the van is almost at the 3,500kg limit.

    The van covers about 10,000-12,000km a year. Generally pootling along at 90kmh.

    I’ll replace the winters with all-season as and when.

    Premier Icon molgrips

    I think you’ll end up spending much more using winters in the summer, it’ll wear them out a lot faster.

    With regards width, the fact you are using squidgy winters in summer and don’t care means that the difference in size won’t matter to you, I’d sayu.

    Premier Icon nickdavies

    I’d say your backwards.. summer tyres wider and larger surely for dry grip, with the winters being narrower, and smaller rims so you have bigger sidewalls?

    That’s my take anyway. Either way I’m doing as your proposing, I’m just going for a set of Michelin agilis cross climates. I’d pick whichever wheel size the van came with from the factory or whichever size is better for the tyres you go for and fit all seasons to those. I’m sticking with 16’s on my t5.1 camper.

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