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  • (another) how to sell my car thread
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    I’ve a nissan nv200 7 seat, it was my private hire vehicle but Covid killed the buisness last year. I’ve held on to it for a year with a thought of starting up again this year – the buisness is dependent on airpost runs and needs 1 a week to survive, but with only 2 enquires for the year in going to get rid.

    It seems to be worth around 11 – 12k or around 8-9 part X. But being ex registered private hire, part X is out as they take around 30% of the value off even though it’s not a taxi and only does motorway miles, main dealer serviced etc.

    So what’s the best way to sell a 10+k vehicle privately? I’ve never sold a car before, have no clue. The nv200 FB page maybe a good place to start, but is international….
    How’s best to take payment etc?

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    ebay classified advert, 19.99 for a month, you set the price and no extra costs on sale. Ebay is busier than all the other sites you could use and a lot cheaper than autotrader. Bank transfer for payment.

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    Hadn’t even thought of eBay…..👍

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    I sold a 7k car through facebook marketplace! Tried auto trader, and got a couple enquiries.

    Stealth ad on here works wonders as well;)

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