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  • singlecrack
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    while we seem to be on the subject of dogs

    I am thinking of getting an English springer spaniel
    has anyone in the STW massive owned a springer past or present that they could give any info or advice

    the dog would be coming into a family of two children 3 & 7

    I myself have had dogs before(boxers). so would not be new to me.

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    Springers are ace!

    They are one of the happiest dogs around and are a joy to have in a house.

    But… They are mental. A brief summary of Ted (my B&W ESS) would be that he is highly intelligent, but very active. They need work to do, both mental work and physical, otherwise they get bored and that’s not good. They will also eat anything (chicken poo, cat poo, sticks, skirting board etc) when young.

    I have had him trained as a gundog and he’s good at it (so far), but he’s a softy at heart and really like sitting on the sofa with me and the missus. I would not part with him.

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    I’m on my second cocker spaniel. Absolute mental dogs, with boundless energy. Even a three hour walk on Saturday didn’t tire him out. The neighbours have a springer and it seems very similar and any ones I meet while out and about have a similarly boisterous nature. Fantastic dogs though.

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    I’ve spent many a happy day in the field with a fine pair of Welsh Springers. Some of the best gundogs I’ve ever come across as well as a superb pair of pets around the house.

    These two are based out in the wilds of Pembrokeshire and work. Hard. They’re full on gun dogs who get paid for their time!

    As mentioned above, Springers are mad, but clever. They need to be kept occupied and amused.

    Might I suggest looking at a working Cocker, or perhaps a Sprocker? (Springer/Cocker cross). Both are a little smaller and managable!

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    Springers are not normal, they are for want of a better word, Yampy. Paddi (My youngest one at 7 years old)is a Jedi Warrior!
    See below!


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    we have a welsh springer/field spaniel cross. she has her moments, but isn’t completely hatstand like some springers seem to be. still a bit puppy-like at times even at two years, but she’s pretty good most of the time, mostly due to the work the other half has put into her.
    i continue to be surprised at how mellow she is most of the time though. i’d advise anyone thinking about getting a dog to get a cross-breed.

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    sheldona I’m genuinely amazed how they managed to jump up that high to the top of the gate. Bloody eck!

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    Hora Paddi has cleared 6-8ft fences before when he fancies looking at whats over the other side!

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    and me.


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    Blimey – all good advice on STW!!!

    As above really – great dogs but hyper. They need constant stimulation – not necessarily physical excercise but at least company and something to concentrate on. DEFINATELY not a dog to be left at home while everyone goes to work/school.

    Sheldona – I love those photos. Makes me sad my dog’s so camera shy 🙂

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    We’ve got a 9 month old ESS, great fun but as said above, lots of stimulation needed, just introduced the stop/recall whistle and plan on doing agility when he gets to a year old.
    If you do get one, put the work in early and you will have an awesome pet.

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    I have a 6 yr old working strain english Springer Spaniel. Rescued him from NESSR – who specialise in the breed.

    They are wicked dogs that will make you smile, laugh, cry, – they can be a bit naughty on occasions as they are clever and a bit hyper.

    They need stimulation – ours at 6yrs is left when we go to work but gets walked during the day from my generous mother who fits a couple of miles in at lunch. The moment he isnt walked you can tell he gets frustrated.

    If you can give them time and energy they deserve they will reward you, super pets. Anyway best get the coat on and take him on his 3 mile evening walk to the beach – raining, cold and windy – has to be done though.

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    Neighbour owns one. Great dogs super active, very very clever and a real tangible sense of personality. I think he is of working stock – very very stocky/thick set build so not the fastest, I doubt he could keep up with a bike on a long descent. I realise that might seem like the most random and irrelevant statement ever but it’ll be a priority to me when I get my next dog as bike chasing will be a big part of his excercise…..thats me though.

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    Have an 11yo ESS. Still mental, helped of course by a little bit of arthritis medication. Super keen to please well behaved, and loves the pats! Good with kids, the only time he ever gets the slightest bit aggressive is when other dogs try to steal his toys.

    During the night he comes up to check we’re OK, then pads back downstairs to his basket. He woke his previous owners up when there was a fire in the house by dragging them out of bed.

    I sort of got him a bit obsessed with the Christmas tree, he would just sit and stare at it for ages:

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