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  • Angle reducer headset for tapered forks

    I currently have a works headset for a straight steerer in a tapered headtube; which is also a -1deg reducer as well.

    I have a new fork on order which is tapered.
    Is there a way to adapt the existing headset to fit the new fork (a crown reducer for example)?


    Last try 🙁

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    Dont understand why you need a crown reducer if you are getting tapered forks as they would be 1.5″ crown?

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    I’ve a Works Components headset for a tapered fork going spare.

    Works components 1.0 degree headset.
    Fits tapered fork steerer in tapered head tube, so:
    Upper = EC 44/28.6
    Lower = EC 49
    It’s the Set 3 (116-122 head tube length – XL tallboy)
    Much like a traditional headset, but can alter head angle 1 deg either way.
    Came on a bike I bought (Tallboy) and I want my HA back.
    So, if your frame has a tapered HT (length around 116-122mm) and tapered forks, this allows you to alter the head angle.
    Bearings smooth and Hope top seal added.
    Will fit XL Solaris for e.g.


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    Your initial post is a bit confusing… Are you trying to retain the slackening, or do you just want a headset? Crown race can’t do it, you’d need an escher-ish negative spacer essentially to make the steerer fit in a smaller hole…

    It might be that you can just replace the bottom cup assembly and retain the top one but that’ll depend on the numbers working out right- one for Works I reckon.


    Yes want to retain the slackness ideally with the new fork arriving was hoping to get away with a cheap solution to the headset issue I.e new bottom cup
    Could not find any new headsets other than Works who never answer emails and gave no phone number and cane creek 180notes

    Boxelder this would be perfect but the headtube length is too long mine is 102mm 🙁

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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