and i thought i was fat…..c4 now

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  • and i thought i was fat…..c4 now
  • Premier Icon ton

    24 yrs old……29stone.
    FFS 😯


    Now if they had only thought about it they could have synced their weight with their ages. Such a waste 😉


    I dont know why but fat people annoy me, I am fattist. The more they winge about being fat, the more it annoys me.

    Premier Icon Onzadog

    GNARGNAR, I’d have to say, at 29 st, I’m guessing he’s fattist (sic)!


    **** me thats double me and a few stone at the same age

    Premier Icon ton

    big lad is gonna jump on the chiken balls….. 😆

    Premier Icon al2000

    “It takes a big man to say ‘yeah, I’m fat'”


    Premier Icon lowey

    A large gent and no mistake.

    Premier Icon epicyclo

    Don’t knock fat people.

    It takes years of dedicated training. When you’re out riding, they have to sit at home in front of crap tv and stuff saturated fats and sugar into their mouths with only Coke and beer to wash it down with. Try it sometime, it’s hard. 🙂

    Many of them compensate by having superfit hot online personas, or are high level Nintendo Ninjas.

    The only time the poor things get out of the house is when the men come with the crane so they can go to the doctor or funeral home.

    I reckon it should be an Olympic sport, eg The Winter Fathletics. Then we could have programmes like “The Biggest Winner” etc.


    That skinny dude had more fat round the middle than me 😉


    i seen that got to the part of the chinese , i thought chinese uuuummmmm, chicken balls uuuummmmmmm , bbeeeeerrrr

Viewing 11 posts - 1 through 11 (of 11 total)

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