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  • Aluminium Hardtail Like Stanton,Cotic,Pace, Morf
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    Does anyone know of any aluminium frames that are similar in geometry to the Slackline, Pace rc127+, Solaris Max, Stiff Morf.

    Ideally it needs to have:
    Room for 2.8s
    A dropper compatible seat tube
    Boost Spacing
    Threaded BB

    I have a large Sonder Transmitter at the moment. The ride is great but it’s just a bit too short for me.

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    Bird Zero TR or AM ???

    Premier Icon Del
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    just reading your list thinking sonder transmitter 😀
    salsa timberjack are supposed to be in the country next month.
    kona big honzo?

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    Bird Zero AM. Allegedly has room for 2.8s but it looks a bit tight for me. I’m running 2.3 on the back and 2.3-2.5 up front. Great bike!

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    I’m currently running 2.4 High Roller 2s on my transmitter. They com up at 62mm wide on a 35mm internal width rim. Not bad compared to the 2.8 Nobby Nicks I had before them which where only a little wider at 72mm.

    Ideally I’d like to run 2.6 HR2s or Minion DHFs but they aren’t doing them yet.(I know there are 2.5 minions but they are only 63mm wide)

    I think if there was an Ali stanton slackline with boost spacing that cost £300-400 that would be ideal.

    The Birds aren’t Boost at the moment. But I guess the next batch probably will be. I do like them a lot and they have more tire clearance than my transmitter. The 2.8s NNs only just fitted in the transmitter.

    I think I would be in between the large and XL for the bird Zero AM unfortunately.

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