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  • Alps trip with non-biking family, will I die?
  • Interested in this too. Where are you looking at staying? Been thinking about trying to get a place with a pool for a fortnight next summer and getting 2 or 3 days riding in as well as family stuff…


    You will not die unless you do a stupid thing. The Alps are half a continent long- there are a LOT of things to do in an area that is hugely set up for tourism. Have fun, it’s mahoosivly great.


    Has anyone been alp biking with their spouse and children who weren’t on bikes. Good or bad idea? likely to cause conflict? I’m thinking of doing a bit of riding and bit of Qt. Are there plenty of guided groups that you can join as a solo rider? Suggestions on good places to go so wife and baby have something to do on days when I’m riding also please?

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    We went to the alps and I was issued clear instructions by the wife. This is a family holiday. You are not taking a bike!

    We’re not married any more.

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    We generally go out with a group of riders/non riders/wives/kids. Works well. This is in morzine. There’s plenty of other stuff including the fantastic new pool in Avoriaz and its easy to meet up for lunch. The multi pass gives access to the lifts on foot and entry to various places so make sure your accommodation offers it.


    Mikey, based on our trips to Verbier I’d say its a great option. Base yourself in a nice town and there shod be plenty of things to do from cafes to nice easy walks with scale. As you’re minted you could try speaking nicely to one if the good guiding companies and see if they’ll sell you a package for all 3 of you to stay with them allowing you to drop in on some of their rides. Perhaps not while baby Mike is so young as a screaming baby at 2 in the morning wouldn’t godown too well.


    How about the Italian Lakes? Plenty of touristy things to do and some quality riding..


    Italian lakes is where I’d look at taking my lot if I had the chance. Can you not just take me instead?


    spent 2 weeks, of a 4 week trip, around the alps last year (based in bourg) amazing place. i managed to bag quite a few of the classic mountains without upsetting the family by doing the following:

    prep the wife in advance “darling this is a once in a lifetime opportunity, its something ive wanted to do since i was a wee boy”

    Get out early – i left to do croix de fer at 5.30am. You miss the traffic (which is fairly light anyway), miss the midday heat and get back to help with the kiddies breakie.

    take them up the hills – after i’d ticked them off we all piled into the campervan and drove to the tops, they loved Alpe d’huez as we could all do a wee walk out from the top. there is shed loads to do for families

    buy your wife something – mine had always wanted a ‘cow skin’ rug, cost me a small fortune but i got her one as we were leaving.

    finally, dont be too daunted by the hills, if your are reasonably fit and pace yourself all should be well. i actually found that once in you get in the mindset they hill were not that bad.


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